An exploration & production (E&P) company is in a specific sector within thoil and gas industry. The early stage of energy production is exploration & production (E&P). It includes searching and drawing out oil and gas. 

The raw materials these companies search for are helpful in the energy business. Anyway, E&P supply chain companies search and find only natural materials to be delivered to other oil companies for the production process. E&P supply chain companies themselves do not refine material or produce energy.

The oil and gas industry includes delivering, ordering, international and domestic transport, trading and supply chain clarity, etc., that work through E&P global supply chain. Other supply chain components include facilities for export and import and the spread of refined energy items from starting point to the market.

Divisions of E&P supply chain:

Usually, the E&P supply chain has three divisions. 

  • Upstream: It includes exploration and production’s oil and gas supply chain. It needs the material that we input into it for the production process.
  • Midstream: it includes the transportation and storage of the oil and gas supply chain. 
  • Downstream: it is the final stage of the E&P supply chain of oil and gas, which includes marketing, refining, and distribution of natural gas to companies.


Exploration → Development → Production → Supply 

E&P supply chain has also worked on supply transportation of oil and gas by using the supply chain network we built. Making our business more potent depends on how we complete this supply chain link of the oil and gas business. 

Here, we describe this E&P supply chain of oil and gas in detail.


Without taking an interest in any field, we can’t be able to take command of that field. So, by starting our own E&P supply chain business, we show interest in the oil and gas field. Such claims generally include all necessary information about business development, including exploration, minerals, etc. We test the land and make drill exploration wells in such areas at a specific point. Based on the data from the exploration wells, we estimate the range of oil and gas wells. And also evaluate that either these reservoirs have commercial-scale reserves or not.

  • Geological Surveys: To do a geological survey, firstly, analyze the features of stock rocks under the ground, like their shapes. To know what type of rocks are present under the bed.
  • Geophysical Exploration: A survey uses artificial seismic vibrations and electromagnetic waves to calculate geological structures.
  • Drilling of Exploration Wells: Based on the results of geophysical surveys. When the presence of oil and gas in a place is confirmed, dig a well in that particular place.
  • Evaluation of Reserves:  When searching for drills, he has completed successfully drilling the estimated wells to confirm the shape and size of an oil/gas reservoir and the size of reserves in the pool. 


Dig the wells for oil and gas production in the E&P supply chain of oil and gas considered commercial-scale reserves. Along with the processing and storage of oil and gas, we also construct\develop some necessary facilities.

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED): 

Before doing anything, there is a need to develop proper plans and prepare the necessary facilities.


In the production phase, we extract oil and gas from the wells. Then remove the impurities such as Sulphur using different methods, make them pure, and separate them into gas and oil. We also estimate whether we should develop the field to increase the production level as required during the production stage.

  • Production:  Oil and  gas get produced from production wells
  • Separation: 
  • After extracting petroleum gas from the wells, it is separated into oil and natural gas using different industry methods.
  • Storage: 
  • After removing impurities, pure crude oil is stored in the tanks.
  • Supply

We distribute and transport oil and gas to our clients in the supply stage. E&P supply chain has supplied crude oil to companies of oil refining. And natural gas has provided city gas providers with electrical power and other commercial-scale. 

  • Utility consumers. 

We have also supplied oil and natural gas to our clients.

Prismecs E&P Supply Chain Services:

Prismecs have developed a team with the diverse experience needed to help E&P supply chain teams perform their tasks properly. For our energy products and supply chain experts, no part is too small or reserves too complicated. 

Our petroleum engineers provide oilfield services, including special craft services at the level demanded by E&P operations. No matter which benefits our clients need, our goal is to improve their performance now on time and operational productivity.

And over the globe, Prismecs E&P supply chain services play an essential role and allow more intelligent operations in every petroleum play. So call us today at 18887747632


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