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Purpose of the Position

The Maintenance Manager reports to the Plant Manager and is accountable for the overall maintenance and equipment performance of the power plant. Their role is to lead the maintenance schedule and execution in a safe and efficient manner based on contractual
requirements, including maintenance schedule and planning, overseeing maintenance budget and accountability of the onsite equipment and assets.

Job Requirements:

  • One off-primary person responsible for all HSE activities and performance for the sit
  • Execute HSE Policies and conduct required assessments as required
  • Promote and ensure that a proactive HSE culture is implemented at the plant site with adherence to company, customer, and country HSE standard
  • Ensure that the sites are operated with the highest level of Health, Safety and Environmental awareness and that all staff and visitors to site adhere to the corporate and local HSE regulations and requirements at all time
  • Complies with and ensures implementation of all other company policies, code of conduct, SOPs, safety procedures, good housekeeping, energy conservation guidelines and environmental regulation
  • Ensure the safety and security of employees and contractor
  • Meet contractual obligations, avoid availability penalties, and exceed customer expectations in building a reliable reputation and operations excellence
  • Optimize performance and longevity of company assets through proactive, timely, and accurate maintenance planning and execution
  • Responsible for the accurate and timely reporting of the plant’s maintenance schedule
  • Create and execute maintenance plans as it relates to all equipment on-site, and lab performance
  • Ensure that any non-conformity or deviation from planned and agreed operating conditions are effectively identified and resolve
  • Lead all corrective actions about equipment failures, customer complaints, etc., in conjunction with a plant team member
  • Responsible for ensuring that equipment (generators and BOP) can meet the contractual requirements as specified
  • Effectively and efficiently direct the overall operations and maintenance of the power plant to ensure optimum utilization of plant resource
  • Plan and organize the activities of the power plant to attain its objectives through concerted action
  • Operate the power plant with strict adherence to standard operating procedures set by the equipment manufacturers, acquire operating experience, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations of the country’s Government
  • Assumes overall responsibility for the implementation of quality and productivity initiative
  • Responsible for the safeguarding of the assets at the plant and ensuring all maintenance is performed promptly
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of the plant maintenance performance
  • Manage demand planning for the supply chain to maintain continuous and uninterrupted operation
  • Responsible for ensuring that sufficient inventory is held on-site to maintain continuous uninterrupted operations and that inventory levels take into account logistical challenges associated with assigned plant locations
  • Develop a minimum stocking level for all critical spares and consumable inventory based on lead times, probability, criticality and historical consumption rate
  • Ensure that orders are placed immediately to replenish inventory that has reached minimum stocking level and follow up on the progress of orders regularly with Supply Chain to ensure safety stock requirements are consistently me
  • Ensure that the local logistics process is efficient and timely for customs and inventory receiving
  • Develop and maintain a well-organized inventory of assets and spares to be able to manage inventory audits, and value tracking at all times


  • Required degree in Engineering (Business degrees will be considered)
  • Preferred advanced degrees in Engineering or Business, and Engineering licenses
  • Required 5+ years of experience in managing power plants
  • Proven 5+ years of experience associated with GE TM2500+ Gen8 gas turbine technology
  • Preferred management of large-scale plant operations in power generation
  • Required knowledge of Microsoft office, outlook, excel, word,
  • Required knowledge in English for speaking, writing, and reading
  • Preferred knowledge in other languages
  • Ability and willingness to live and travel as required within the project country and region

Behavioral Attributes:

  • Ultimate Accountability for all Personnel and Assets
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Credibility & Integrity
  • Coping with Pressure & Adversity
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Global Awareness
  • Results Orientation
  • Empowering & Motivating Others
  • Building an Effective Team
  • Managing and Leading Change

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