Before discussing the sensor transmitter kit we just need to know what is a sensor and what is a transmitter. A sensor is an instrument or equipment that senses, measures, or detects the physical input such as temperature, heat, pressure to the digital or visual data. A transmitter is used to transfer this data to some other operating system such as pc. A transmitter converts the electric signal into radio waves so that they can be transmitted. The main difference between a sensor and transmitter is how they deal with the signal received. Sensor kits are now used everywhere for the optimized operations of machinery or types of equipment, so sensor transmitter kit not only measures the physical value but also transmit it. Our sensor transmitter kit can also sense the reading from a certain location without moving the actual kit.

Below are the specifications of the Sensor Transmitter Kit (PWA FT8)

Fabricate a custom framework with the sensors you really want.

It can be used for different sensing operations like temperature tests, UV and solar radiation, anemometer, and humidity.

When an anemometer is introduced to the kit we can replace the system with a remote station.

The sensor transmitter kit is also resistant to climate change which protects it from damage.

It can transmit the signal to a wide range of 1000 meters.

We can also join the weather link for enhanced capabilities.

It also comes with solar power integration and battery backup, also the battery lasts for a larger duration of 8 to 9 months without solar energy.

It also has mounting equipment which makes the installation process easy.

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Sensor transmitter kit (PWA FT8)
Sensor transmitter kit (PWA FT8)

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