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When you need a commercial or utility PV plant, choose the EPC partner with experience that spans the array. Trust PRISMECS to oversee every detail of your solar energy storage and delivery, from DC to AC and beyond hence complete Solar Engineering Solutions.

PRISMECS has led systems engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for more than 2GW of PV solar plants. We put that vast experience to work for our world-class customers. With expertise from the DC to the AC collector system, plant controller and energy management systems, PRISMECS is your trusted partner for solar energy storage and delivery. PRISMECS knows solar EPC. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. Our team is home to battery energy storage systems (BESS) experts, supply chain partners and other interdisciplinary power generation experts who bring a depth and breadth of expertise only possible with PRISMECS. In addition to EPC, we often take on the Owner’s Engineer role to help our customers supervise project engineering and management.

Solar Engineering Solutions

BESS Engineering

We leverage our deep understanding of Li-ion BESS to help customers take back control of frequency, voltage and reliability.

Project Procurement and Recruitment

Resource mobility. Vendor selection. Visas and permits. We solve your procurement challenges with an efficiency only possible through decades of experience.

Systems Engineering and Manufacturing

Our interdisciplinary experts collaborate to develop reliable, high-quality PV systems that maximize value across the lifecycle.

Construction Management

We handle all the details of your PV plant construction, pairing our vast logistical resources with unmatched PV engineering expertise.

More than a vendor, PRISMECS is your partner for every aspect of your solar power generation project. Trust us to navigate systems engineering, procurement and construction management, all with your PV plant’s success in mind.

  1. Initial Feasibility Study

Sizing the PV array in PVsyst simulation software, running a Grid Impact Study (GIS) at the POI and preparing the utility interconnection application

  1. Load Demand and Generation Analysis

Determining the optimal PV plant size for your isolated grid or behind the meter project

  1. LCOE Study

Analyzing the economics of a PV plant based on estimated capex, discount rate and tariff rate

  1. PV Plant Testing

Conducting plant capacity and interconnection testing

  1. Engineering Design

Performing a detailed design of the PV plant including drawings, equipment and protection settings, and plant controller integration

  1. Operations and Maintenance

Providing O&M services that maximize your PV plant’s efficiency and maintenance

  1. Owner’s Engineer

Providing project engineering and management supervision on behalf of our customers

  1. RFI and RFP Solutions

Developing RFI and RFPs including equipment specifications, and conducting vendor technical evaluation and selection

PRISMECS is the best partner for all your engineering needs and industrial procurement services. For inquiries and further information contact us at; +1 (763) 291-1333 or visit our website for submitting you inquiries; https://prismecs.com/contact-us/
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