Substation control and automation in digital substations comprise many systems communicating according to the IEC 61850 standard. In addition to automation, it includes the following:

  • Control centers with SCADA systems
  • Local control via human-machine interfaces (HMI) 
  • Remote operation

Scada system

The other three essential systems include:

  1. Remote terminal units (RTU)
  2. Intelligent electronic devices (IED)
  3. Communication networks

To maximize the substation availability, the company must know the status of the whole substation automation system with all its details. Solutions allowing simulation and extensive testing of substation automation systems and SCADA help stop the outages. In case of trouble, the same reliability and quick troubleshooting of the affected systems are necessary. 

Detailed reports of all performed tests with in-depth data and information can help to enhance transparency. Prismecs solutions are dedicated to the daily work of Substation Automation and SCADA Engineers. Our experts speed up testing with intuitive software interfaces.

In this blog, let’s discuss how our substation automation system and SCADA services are performing to facilitate the oil and gas industry!

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Substation automation systems are often complex. They comprise many intelligent electronic devices. These devices exchange information through the substation network. 

There may be a lot of reasons why a specific function is not working properly. Prismecs quickly identifies the problem. We provide the companies with helpful information to fix the problem. Our IED team lets you comprehensively diagnose your IEDs. 

Our SCADA solutions will support you during the entire lifecycle of substation equipment: 

  • Development and specification
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Site acceptance test (SAT)
  • Maintenance
  • Extension after critical updates
  • SCADA Signal Testing

Substation automation systems typically deal with thousands of individual signals. We must acquire, process, and send these signals to various destinations, such as:

  • The SCADA System
  • The local control panel of intelligent electronic devices (IED)
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)

We must test every such signal during substation commissioning and after firmware upgrades. 

Prismecs saves time and reduces errors due to automatic test execution. Reusing defined test cases and completing documentation of the work done is also helpful in reducing errors and keeping the substation on track.

  • Logic and Interlocking Testing

In today’s substation automation systems, many logic control functions are often implemented: 

  • Control interlocking
  • Automated command sequences 
  • More complex algorithms

It is very time taking to test these functions. Prismecs allows you to automatically test and document the complete set of available logic functions based on defined test plans while saving you time. After system changes or firmware upgrades, we can easily reuse the existing test plans.

  • Simulation of IEDs and Substations

Substation automation systems consist of multiple intelligent electronic devices. We must thoroughly plan and extensively test them during different lifecycle phases of substation automation systems. 

Our solutions offer various opportunities for extensive substation automation systems simulation during all phases: 

  • Designing 
  • Specification
  • Engineering

You can check the whole substation concept by simulating the connected devices. During factory acceptance testing, clients make real testing possible from the start via:

  • Simulation of missing IEDs
  • SCADA 
  • Remote terminal unit (RTU)

Simulating clients allows you to test IEDs throughout site acceptance testing, even without the availability of any control center.

  • Explore IEDs and Analyze Communication

Intelligent electronic devices in protection systems and substation automation systems communicate. Their data models represent the behavior and functionalities of the IEDs. The solutions of Prismecs let you explore the data model in depth to trace signals, verify proper system operation, and analyze the communication of devices.

  • Network Performance Testing

The performance of the substation communication network is crucial to the integrity of the entire control system. Our network performance monitor observes connections and local networks between substations.

The bottom line:

When your substation equipment requires complex systems, remember Prismecs.

Every day, industrial teams worldwide use Prismecs’ complex systems to get the job done. Our team includes specialized experts collaborating to develop reliable and high-quality systems. 

We pride ourselves on identifying the problems by using our expertise to solve them. By working with Prismecs, you get value throughout the entire lifecycle of your substation devices.

We deliver reliable and cost-effective services on time. Prismecs comply with the highest industrial standards. From the time you share your problem, we start doing our best to identify solutions.

Our experts also look for alternatives that raise the benchmark for innovation. We design the system and handle all testing and integration. In doing so, we redefine the “turnkey” solutions.

So, contact us at 18887747632 or email us at sales@prismecs.com to explore our substation automation services and SCADA system.

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