One of the most major complications to consistent power generation, which is critical to an industry’s profitability, is the ability to correctly maintain intricate power plant equipment. With today’s new systems engineering services, traditional repair and procedures are no longer a model for success. Electrical power systems engineering specialists are being driven to discover new thermal power options, such as fusion nuclear engineering, as the world’s demand for electricity grows. PRISMECS offers a variety of power plant engineering services and supports Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms with project management during the construction phase of power plants. To avoid future failures and greater project costs owing to missed construction dates, EPCs must identify any difficulties or welding flaws. Our cutting-edge research centers assist customers with power plant systems engineering services, assisting them in improving best practices and lowering operating costs through the implementation of novel technologies and procedures. We can help our clients in the following areas:


  • Reduce the cost of operating and maintaining power plants (O&M).
  • Improve risk mitigation management through field service help.
  • Create novel solutions to situations that are tough to solve.
  • Weld for plant balancing
  • Welding issues should be avoided and recovered from.


You know how tough it is to find end-to-end partners if you’ve ever needed industrial power generation. PRISMECS offers unique use of current systems engineering services, together with the data management system, which can help you take your maintenance program to the next level, giving a significant competitive advantage and ensuring Total Quality Assurance. Our specialized power services and software solutions serve clients all over the world, providing operation, maintenance, capital improvement, and cost of cycling evaluations for the power generating industry. Are you in need of engineering or consulting assistance? To tell us about your project, fill out the website form at https://prismecs.com/contact-us/ and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. 

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