Electricity provides light to our houses and lives. It sheds light on people’s futures, not just their own, but on the destinies of entire communities, resulting in a national growth story. Businesses struggled to meet rising thermal power generation demands, jeopardizing their objectives. Prismecs, as the largest thermal private power player, is on a mission to help industries become self-sufficient in power generation. 


Thermal power generation houses currently provide the majority of electricity and are primarily responsible for adjusting the amount of electricity produced to satisfy demand changes. They generate electricity using a variety of fuels based on their capacity to obtain them reliably and affordably, as well as their environmental impact. These include sulfur-free energy sources such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as petroleum fuels such as heavy oil, crude oil, and natural gas liquid (NGL), as well as coal.


Traditional thermal power generation resources are used to create energy from coal, natural gas, heating oil, and biomass also known as combustion power plants. The steam ignites a turbine, which generates electricity by driving an alternator. Secondly, steam-gas turbine plants combine a gas turbine and a traditional thermal plant to generate electricity. Unlike ordinary thermal power plants, the residual energy of the gases is used for another cycle. This is one of the reasons why these plants are more efficient than conventional plants (by 56 percent), resulting in lower CO2 emissions. Lastly, in a single installation, cogeneration units use a single fuel to create heat (primary function) and electricity (secondary function). It’s a fantastic energy-saving choice. By recovering energy that would otherwise be lost during thermal power generation. These plants may create electricity and heat with near-90 percent efficiency, which is very important in industrial settings.


Lower gas prices, lower demand, stricter environmental regulations, and shifts to renewable energy are all placing pressure on generator margins, making operational excellence more crucial than ever. Prismecs offers a complete system that enables businesses to improve plant performance, central procurement, and optimize thermal power generation overall. Are you ready to discuss your company’s requirements? To begin the dialogue, please contact us at 1888 7747632

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