The severe current concern of the world is climate change. Everyone must contribute to ensuring that sustainability and green bitcoin mining practices are adopted across society, from legislators to the individual. The recent COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference served as a driving stimulus toward the aims of the Paris Agreement in spurring climate action. Governments throughout the globe, from the U.S. to China, are progressively taking a proactive position on climate change.

Why is our environment at threat due to crypto mining?

Due to the energy-intensive method used to manufacture coins, cryptocurrency mining has significant environmental consequences, just like the mining sector. The bitcoin industry, though, could begin to alter how it does business, unlike the mining sector.

Due to the energy-intensive method used to manufacture coins, cryptocurrency mining has major environmental consequences, just like the mining sector. The bitcoin industry, though, could begin to alter how it does business, unlike the mining sector. In that situation, green bitcoin mining is the best solution. 

When a user “mines” bitcoin, their computer executes applications attempting to solve the puzzle. Your chances of being chosen to update the blockchain and get rewards, increase with the processing capacity of your machine. Therefore, to outperform their rivals, miners are motivated to increase the power behind their mining operations.

The founder of the hydroelectricity-powered Bitcoin mining startup Miners Defi, Junior Theomou, claims that as more individuals mine more Bitcoin, the level of competition increases. “Bitcoin mining becomes more challenging as more devices are available on the market. As a result, there is currently a competition taking place between ever-more-machines that are mining.”

Future of green bitcoin mining and global trends:

A broader spectrum of parties internationally can now advance their plans for digital assets thanks to increasing regulatory certainty and green bitcoin mining. The EU’s complete Market in Crypto-assets (MiCA) framework is still making its way through the European Parliament’s legislative procedure.

The Securities & Exchange Commission under Gary Gensler has also indicated its intention to clarify the legal environment for stablecoins and decentralized financing in the United States (Defi).

We must hold digital assets to the same high ESG standards that every government and company should now adhere to fully establish their position in the mainstream and the portfolios of investors worldwide. Significantly, the industry has increasingly accepted this necessity and, in response to increased use, has accelerated a process of environmental self-regulation.

How can the viability of cryptocurrency mining be determined?

You may believe that analyzing emissions would allow you to determine the sustainability of green bitcoin mining, but this might be challenging. Without knowing the particular energy mix used to power crypto mining in the first place, it is challenging to calculate the carbon emissions produced by this activity. Consider this to be similar to understanding the green bitcoin mining supply chain.

For instance, one unit of hydro energy will have a far lower environmental effect than one unit of energy produced using coal.

A representative for MintGreen recently explained the terms of the agreement by stating that the business’s digital boilers can recover more than 96% of the power used for bitcoin mining. According to reports, the company will be able to stop 20,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse emissions per megawatt from entering the environment each year thanks to this configuration. 

Reference: (https://www.naturalgasintel.com/canadas-north-vancouver-launching-bitcoin-heating-pilot-with-mintgreen-in-2022/ )

Furthermore, MintGreen asserts that the energy would ultimately heat 100 residential and commercial buildings in a Canadian metropolis, which according to the most recent census data, has a population of about 155,000.

As with Bitcoin, mining transforms those stranded electrons into something useful. The second scenario states that bitcoin miners boost the total energy generation in a specific area.

There is no doubt that over the previous several years, the myth that Bitcoin (BTC) uses excessive electricity has gained more and more public acceptance. Occasionally, a growing number of Bitcoin miners have switched to using energy sources predominantly powered by renewable energy in recent months.

To elaborate further, we should mention that several studies of green bitcoin mining, most notably one published by Cambridge University, found that more than 75% of all mines now in operation use renewable sources to power their daily operations.

How can we help you?

High energy consumption during the mining process can affect profitability. 

The best solution to this problem is to use renewable, gas, or nuclear energy sources to power your facility, reducing your electricity bill and protecting the environment. 

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