Whatever sort of gas turbine you operate, a variety of operating challenges may arise that can reduce the production of your turbomachinery. Fouling, corrosion, erosion, and other probable damage to aerodynamic components, such as gas turbine compressor parts, can occur as a result of chemical reactions. Compressor parts that are not serviced or replaced might deteriorate, resulting in compressor faults and potentially catastrophic damage.


Axial and centrifugal flow compressor parts are available. The former is more widely employed in power generation due to their higher flow rates and efficiency. As air passes through each stage of axial flow compressors, which are made up of multiple stages of rotating and stationary blades, it is dragged in parallel to the axis of rotation and compressed more and more (or stators). The whirling blades accelerate the air, which is spread by the stators, increasing pressure and decreasing volume. The temperature rises due to the compression of the air, despite the fact that no heat is introduced. Since the compressor must reach a certain speed before the combustion process can be continuous – or self-sustaining – an external motor, static frequency converter, or the generator itself provides initial momentum to the turbine rotor. The compressor must be smoothly increased to achieve firing speed before fuel can be supplied and ignition may occur. Depending on the manufacturer and design, turbine speeds range from 2,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The initial ignition is caused by one or more spark plugs (depending on combustor design). Once the turbine reaches self-sustaining speed (above 50% of maximum speed), combustion is continuous, and the starting mechanism can be disconnected, the power output is sufficient to run the compressor.


Prismecs has vast expertise replacing compressor parts and a thorough grasp of the various damage scenarios that our customers may face. If you’re determining whether you’ll lose yield or have less surge, your compressor parts may need to be changed or fixed. Prismecs can assist you in determining which parts are required to recover the lost output on your gas turbine compressor thanks to our considerable knowledge. Please contact us to discuss your gas turbine compressor components requirements. Alternatively, you may call our trained team at 1 888 7747632 to begin a chat. 

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