One of the most sought after item in the electrical or electronic industry is an electric motor. We know how AC motors work by simply converting electrical energy to a mechanical one. But, quality AC motor with variables which suit your site is a problem many of the customers face. If you are looking for an AC motor with the best technology and cost, you have clicked the right link.

AC motors are the most popular and often are used in the consumer, commercial and industrial equipment due to their longevity, cost effectiveness and operational efficiency. Different AC motors are manufactured keeping different factors such as

  • Frequency
  • Maximum output speed and torque
  • Phase count and sequence
  • Supply voltage
  • Productivity class
  • Rotation
  • Shaft length and diameter
  • Pole count
  • Brand

We at Prismecs can arrange AC motors, which are suitable for different regions of the world. Globally the AC motors work with 50/60 Hz and 400 VAC with a combination of Variable Frequency Drive for smooth operation. However, in Europe the frequency is 50 Hz and 400 VAC. In United States, the AC motor must function with 60 Hz and 460 VAC. Prismecs can deliver all these different classes of AC motors at your doorstep.

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Prismecs is helping world-class industrial teams discover the power of a single partner for supply chain and engineered solutions. Prismecs can manage supply chain, reduce the overhead cost and help you procure engineering services worldwide. Our procurement services are keeping complex industrial processes productive and profitable. Every step of the way, we deliver our solutions with integrity. Prismecs is an umbrella, under which more than 2000 suppliers, supply quality products & services to the consumers around the world. We provide competitive cost analysis to our customers. In case of AC motors, our team is equipped to provide you with the list of OEM and the quotations within days and deliver it to your doorstep.

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