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Energy Financing Solutions

End-to-end funding solutions for sustainable energy efficiency and alternative generation projects in the commercial, industrials, and institutional space.

Programs require no capital expenditure and can be tailored to your organization’s performance goals. Speed and scalability enable you to reach your goals and make an impact faster


Tailored Structures

  • Payments based on usage, savings or fixed payments

  • Convert shorter term rentals to longer term leases

  • Utilize sale leasebacks to generate additional capital

  • Ability to match term to useful life

Competitive Capital

  • Avoid large capital outlays

  • Access to multiple funding mechanisms

  • No hidden costs

Flexible & Convenient Process

  • Best-in-class partnerships to solve your product and financing needs

  • Ability to support large C&I projects that include interim progress fundings with multiple vendors


Our Energy-as-a-Service offering includes variable, performance-based billing that provides the opportunity for off balance sheet.

Lighting and Building Controls

HVAC, Boilers, Chillers, Furnaces


Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) allow you to lock in pricing over the long-term protecting you from future volatility .

Natural Gas



Equipment financing to support capital equipment acquisitions. On or Off-Balance sheet structures to maximize tax benefits.

Existing Equipment & Machinery

New CapEx Projects

Financing Options

Prismecs provides finance to Small and Medium Enterprises to meet their working capital and business expansion requirements to all sectors, which meet policy requirements.


SUSTAINABLE Remarketing Solutions

Customized turnkey disposition solutions for industrial manufacturing customers to optimize cash flow from inefficient equipment and promoting the acquisition of new and efficient assets.

Whether you are closing a manufacturing facility, replacing an old production line, or have a raw material or finished good inventory challenge, our team can create a disposition solution designed to extend the useful life of your equipment.


White Gloves Process

  • Transparent, compliant sales process

  • Standardized documentation for Title transfer & sale summary

  • Protective T&Cs for sellers & Removal costs passed to buyers

  • KYC/AML screenings for all buyers & No up-front project expenses

Global Sales Capability

  • World-class operating partners

  • Full spectrum of equipment types

  • Experience selling in 20+ countries

Valuation Services

  • Certified appraisals to support Sale-Leaseback, Redeployment, and Refinancing initiatives

  • Indicative desktop valuations for project planning


Cash Generation

Convert inefficient, surplus assets to cash to offset energy efficient purchases. Drive efficiency and cash generation to stretch CapEx budgets and help fund additional sustainability projects.


Project Management

Solve your most complex asset challenges with our disposition strategies tailored to your goals and objectives.


Corporate Remarketing Programs

Portfolio-wide partnership to optimize asset utilization, manage restructuring activity, and help develop long-term equipment strategy

Examine the options with our professionals.

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