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I&C Services - Pioneering Installation and Commissioning Across Key Industries

The challenge in todays industrial landscape lies in achieving operational efficiency during the critical phases of installation and commissioning across sectors such as power generation, renewables, petrochemicals, oil & and gas, and crypto mining. The complexity of these processes often leads to downtime and reliability concerns, impacting overall productivity.

Prismecs addresses this challenge by providing specialized installation and commissioning (I&C) services. Through precision engineering and attention to detail, we mitigate the risks associated with these crucial phases.

Prismecs stands as a leader in Installation and commissioning (I&C) services, providing our customers with a strategic advantage in achieving operational excellence. By leveraging our expertise, clients benefit from minimized downtime, increased system reliability, and a comprehensive solution that aligns with the specific requirements of their industry. Trust Prismecs to optimize your installation and commissioning processes, ensuring a seamless transition to operational efficiency.


Control System Design

Our control system design services for installation and commissioning are tailored to ensure precision and efficiency. From intricate design planning to seamless integration, we specialize in developing control systems that optimize performance.


SCADA System Implementation

Experience seamless integration and enhanced operational control with our SCADA System Implementation services for Installation and Commissioning. Our expertise ensures the effective implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, providing real-time monitoring to optimize the performance of your installations.


Instrumentation Selection and Calibration

Our meticulous Instrumentation Selection and Calibration services for Installation and Commissioning guarantee precision and reliability. From selecting the right instruments to ensuring accurate calibration, we specialize in meticulous attention to detail, ensuring seamless operation.


Networking and Communication Systems

Unlock seamless connectivity and operational efficiency with our Networking and Communication Systems services for Installation and Commissioning. From robust network design to reliable communication protocols, we specialize in ensuring a secure and interconnected infrastructure.


I&C System Upgrades and Retrofits

Elevate the performance of your renewable energy installations with our I&C System Upgrades and Retrofits for Installation and Commissioning. Our specialized services focus on modernizing and enhancing control systems, ensuring that your projects remain at the forefront of technological advancements.


Field Support and Troubleshooting

>Rely on our expert Field Support and Troubleshooting services to ensure a seamless Installation and Commissioning process for your renewable energy projects.


Experience the benefits of Prismecs’ solutions with seamless project execution, innovative problem-solving, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


Seamless Project Execution

Prismecs ensures a seamless project execution by integrating engineering, procurement, and construction services, providing a holistic approach from start to finish.


Innovative Solutions

Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to turn complex concepts into innovative and practical solutions, meeting the unique demands of each project.


Quality and Efficiency

Adhering to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, Prismecs guarantees that each project is not only successful but also exceeds expectations.


Every day, we make complex decisions to achieve outstanding projects. Here we have selected the ones that tell the world about our vision and our values.

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