System Engineering is an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to facilitate the successful achievement and use of engineered systems utilizing system principles and incorporating scientific, technological and management methods.

Predictive maintenance is a significant field of research to find out the precise moment to bring out maintenance actions. In spite of the possible advantages of predictive maintenance in terms of maintenance, reduction of cost and safety enhancement, its application faces drawbacks.

One of the main drawbacks is the insufficiency of a systematic approach to creating predictive maintenance systems. A industrial system engineering approach beginning from the needs and desires acquired from the stakeholders until a logical planning is a possible solution.

A particular evaluation on the necessities and desires is used to obtain, categorize and organize the requirements for an easier transformation to designing the system’s framework. Safe and efficient function is of key importance for advanced technical systems. Maintenance comprises an essential discipline along the systems life cycle to ensure its smooth function.

System Engineering

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance:    

  • It minimizes much needed maintenance while enhancing reliability and reducing costs.
  • It utilizes the data resulting from condition monitoring techniques to indicate health of equipment and identify when maintenance is needed to prevent expensive equipment failure.
  • Condition monitoring is a procedure of measuring parameters of equipment which includes temperature, vibration and oil condition which plays a major role in effective predictive maintenance.
  • It also reduces the actual time which is needed to repair or rebuild the plant’s equipment.

Predictive maintenance is a process that allows the users to be informed of the next lined up maintenance of the equipment, the repair of any part which is due for maintenance, and exchange of engine oils. It is a method in system engineering in which the service life of significant parts is predicted based on diagnosis or inspection in order to utilize the parts to the limit of their service. It needs a surveillance system which is designed to monitor the conditions through an online system.

System Engineering enables constructing, managing and analyzing systems whether it is pertaining to electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering. It consists of various interacting components performing a function that cannot be achieved by a single component alone. 


With the rise of an increase in oil fields, gas industries and mining the scope of system engineering has become more complicated than ever. Highly skilled engineers are required to perform the challenges of designing, maintaining and monitoring all these complex systems in system engineering across the stages of smooth operation.

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