Why an effective battery energy storage system is necessary? Prismecs introduces a stackable Lithium Ion battery energy system to revolutionize traditional batteries.

The answer to it will take some time. The question posed first inquires about the necessity of it. According to the CRS report, “Electricity, as it is currently produced, is largely a commodity resource that is interchangeable with electricity from any other source. Since opportunities for the large-scale storage of electricity are few, it is essentially a just-in-time resource, produced as needed to meet the demand of electricity-consuming customers. Climate change mitigation has increased the focus on the use of renewable electricity. While energy storage is seen as an enabling technology with the potential to reduce the intermittency and variability of wind and solar resources, energy storage resources would have to be charged by low- or zero-emission or renewable sources of electricity to ensure a reduction of greenhouse gases.

Battery Energy Storage System

PROS of Battery Energy Storage System

Energy storage is being increasingly investigated for its potential to provide significant benefits to the interstate transmission grid, and perhaps to local distribution systems and thus to retail electric customers. The ability to store energy presents an opportunity to add flexibility in how electricity is produced and used, and provides an alternative to address peak loads on the system using renewable electricity stored at low-demand times. In addition to providing power on demand, energy storage technologies have the potential to provide ancillary services to the electricity grid to ensure the reliability and stability of the power system, and better match generation to demand for electricity.”

Prismecs has the distribution rights for the future of Battery energy storage. The joule case battery system makes for a good Industrial BESS solution because of the 20 ft. to 40 ft. containers. Joule case believes that everyone deserves clean, renewable, portable power. We design and manufacture battery systems that stack like Lego blocks to ideally size for every application.

Joule case is building the complete product platform that will solve for all your temporary emergency backup power needs. We have a rechargeable system of Lithium Ion batteries, which can be stacked one above the other. They are portable and highly effective. They have a high energy density with a 10-year warranty. From project planning and mechanical design through MRO, Prismecs delivers turnkey power generation solutions. Our Universal Master Control Panel is a single controller for power plants, providing SCADA, SIS and Fire Safety Control Systems or integrating with your existing ones. Explore our full suite of power generation solutions.

Prismecs vow to continue to better the planet by finding better solutions and collaborating with companies who aim to move to sustainable routes is something we cherish!

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