Let us talk about Renewable Energy and the Battery Energy Solution Systems we offer

Prismecs offers a unique stackable battery energy system, which is sustainable and rechargeable

Renewable energy resources, or “renewables,” are naturally replenishing fuel sources that can replace coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power with clean, safe, reliable power at low or zero carbon emissions. Unlike nuclear power and fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas), renewables provide clean, safe, and reliable power, with low or zero carbon emissions.

Several potential benefits make renewables an attractive option for the supply chain:

  • Avoid risks of fossil fuel price fluctuations and regulatory changes
  • Attract customers, partners, and employees interested in corporate responsibility
  • Drive corporate growth by keeping pace with competitors

Switching to renewables selectively or throughout the supply chain can help decrease long-term costs, provide price stability, mitigate future regulatory risk, enhance brand value, drive new revenue, and improve employee engagement.

Prismecs has multiple solutions including the Battery energy solution that is based on Lithium-ion batteries, which classify as safe, sustainable and budget friendly. Compared to other types of rechargeable batteries, the rechargeable lithium battery has many advantages, such as: higher energy density, lower self-discharge rate, higher voltages and longer cycle life. In addition, the energy storage system can balance the load and power of the grid network by charging and discharging to provide regulated power to the grid with a fast response time. The energy storage system can also help establish a sustainable and low-carbon electric pattern that is achieved using intermittent renewable energy efficiently.

Battery Energy Solution

In the twenty-first century, economic growth and social prosperity are more dependent on electrical energy than at any time before with a strong demand for a grid-level battery energy storage system. Characterized by modularization, rapid response, flexible installation, and short construction cycles, electrochemical batteries are considered to be the most attractive energy storage devices.

Practical Applications

In practical applications, battery systems need to meet the requirements of: (1) frequency regulation; (2) peak shaving; (3) integration with renewable energy sources; and (4) power management. Among various energy storage technologies, Lithium-Ion Batteries have the potential to become a key component in achieving energy sustainability at the grid-scale because of their high energy density, high EE, and long cycle life. In this perspective, the characteristics of Lithium-Ion Batteries for applications to grid-level energy storage systems are discussed.

Moreover, the performances of Lithium-Ion Batteries in terms of the following grid services are highlighted: (1) frequency regulation; (2) peak shifting; (3) integration with renewable energy sources; and (4) power management.

Given its abundance and wide distribution, renewable sources have become one of the most cost-effective choices for power generation in power grids in many regions. In recent years, the substantial growth of variable renewable sources promotes the development of electrical energy storage systems and requires them to be more flexible. Battery energy storage systems can effectively store the generated electricity of renewable sources, contributing to grid system stability and reliability, which in turn promote the use of renewable energy sources.

PRISMECS is a global energy company operating worldwide with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. We are thrilled to present a battery energy system made and tested in the USA. We offer a complete EPC solution with a prolonged lifecycle, efficient weight to energy ratio, and 10 years warranty. It is comparatively efficient, emission-free, durable, budget-friendly, compact, sustainable, and is delivered right to your project site with the balance of plant.  The rechargeable lithium battery blocks can be stacked innumerably to provide the power that can meet your demand.

Our team is home to world-class mechanical and electrical engineers, supply chain experts, technologists and project managers that work together to get the job done right. We have unmatched experience in turbomachinery and other sources of reliable power and rock-solid OEM relationships that enable us to meet every client’s unique specifications. Industrial operations around the globe choose Prismecs for power generation.

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