Cartridge Unit is a bearing unit that consolidates a bearing and a bearing box with an outer circular-shaped diameter surface. The bearing box is a chamber machined with precision, so it tends to be used embedded in the round and hollow hole of the fundamental body of the hardware.

Following are the types of cartridge units.

  • Set Screw Shaft Collars
  • Eccentric Locking Collar Bearing

Set Screw Shaft Collars

Set screw shaft collars are the best when utilized on a shaft made of a material that is milder than the set screw. For better torque capacity and enhanced holding power our set screws are equipped with forged socket set screws. Producing the stainless steel set screws has the extra advantage of work solidifying, which brings about stainless steel with raised hardness and increased performance. Set screw shaft collars are produced using lead-free steel with a restrictive dark oxide finish.

Eccentric Locking Collar Bearing

The eccentric locking collar bearing is for the most part appropriate for applications where the direction of rotation is inconvenient. There is an eccentric extension that helps the locking ring on one side of the internal ring of the bearing. Eliminate the bearing from the shaft along with the lodging

The eccentric collar locking style is a major leap in shaft engagement when contrasted with the setscrew. Still generally economical and simple to connect, it is more reliable in a wide range of applications. These collars are designed to engage with the inner ring of the bearing.


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