Preparing the raw materials, producing the clinker, and producing the finished cement are the three main steps in cement production. The cement grinding plant is an important element in producing finished cement. Cement grinding solutions have become more prevalent as the cement business has grown. 

The stage of finished cement production involves blending the calcined clinker and mixed ingredients in a certain ratio, followed by grinding to the necessary particle size to produce the desired finished cement product.

In this article, we will discuss the cement grinding solutions & processes offered by Prismecs.

Importance of cement grinding:

Prismecs’ cement clinker grinding primarily aims to produce finished cement products with a specific particle composition. Fineness and specific surface area are two metrics that we can use to describe cement dispersion.

Under the same mineral composition, the higher the dispersion, the finer the cement, the quicker the hydration speed, and the higher the strength, particularly the early strength.

But strong growth is not evident when the specific surface area surpasses a certain threshold. The power consumption will rise quickly. Even though the particular surface area is the same, the strength will differ due to the various grinding process, and here Prismecs employs its cement grinding solutions.

Cement grinding process:

The cement grinding plant adopts the pre-grinding method. On the one hand, it causes the cracks and faults inside the particles to considerably enhance output and lower the energy consumption of the cement grinding mill. On the other hand, it reduces the particle size of materials before formal grinding. 

The primary steps in the cement grinding solutions & process include:

  1. Crushing mixed materials
  2. Material batching
  3. Pre-grinding
  4. Fine grinding
  5. Powder classification
  6. Dust collection
  7. Automatic control and other technologies

This process results in high yield and high-quality cement production that satisfies the demands of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The belt conveyor will weigh and mix the clinker, limestone, and gypsum in a specific ratio before sending the mixture into the pre-grinding system through the belt conveyor and elevator. Then, we will further process the already-ground materials and the weighed fly ash in the ball mill grinding system.

The coarse powder that doesn’t meet the requirements is returned to the ball mill for further processing thanks to the powder concentrator installed behind the grinding system. 

The conveying chute will carry the fine powder to the finished product elevator, eventually entering the cement silo. The ball mill’s output gas will be filtered by the dust collector and released into the atmosphere by the air blower during these operations. The cement silo will immediately receive the fine powder that has been gathered. It is an important part of cement grinding solutions.

Cement grinding plant of Prismecs:

The cement grinding unit, also known as a cement grinding plant or cement grinding station, is a distinct stage in cement manufacturing. Modern cement grinding units use a pre-grinding technique. The cement grinding plant significantly boosts the output capacity of cement mills. It decreases energy consumption by reducing the particles of the feeding materials and assisting in the development of cracks and flaws within the components.

Cement Grinding plant Features at Prismecs:

 High Efficiency

A specific grate plate is placed at the end of the grinding mill, and an activation device in the fine grinding chamber. The size of the grinding medium boosts grinding efficiency and results in high production and little energy use. High efficiency is the basic requirement for cement grinding solutions. 

 High Quality & Output

cement grinding plant addresses the drawbacks of difficult equipment temperature regulation, unstable product quality, high energy consumption, and low thermal efficiency. Compared to other procedures, Prismecs cement grinding solutions yield: 

  • 30% boosted output
  • 15% less energy use in production
  • All for finished goods of the same granularity   

Overall Service

In addition to manufacturing a variety of specialized equipment for the cement grinding unit, it also entails designing the grinding unit, installing it on-site, commissioning it in real-time, training users to operate the equipment, and providing routine maintenance for spare parts.


You don’t need to worry about the environment because the cement grinding plant of Prismecs is fitted with a cutting-edge dust collector to tightly regulate dust emissions and noise pollution while realizing resource reuse. 

You can contact us at sales@prismecs.com for any query about the cement grinding solutions of Prismecs. Or call us at 18887747632 for immediate solutions to your problems!

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