Roller chain coupling accessory kits are straightforward, yet they provide a small and versatile coupling that may be used in a wide range of applications. As a result of the design, torque is distributed uniformly throughout the roller chain and sprocket teeth, resulting in an even amount of torque scattered throughout the coupler when in motion. Another advantage of a roller chain coupling is that the sprockets and chain give a tiny clearance, allowing the coupling to function without absolute shaft alignment; nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that the shafts be completely aligned, if possible.

Coupling chain

The chain is one of numerous components that make up a roller chain coupling accessory kit. For ultimate strength and durability, they are made with heat-treated, shot peened, and hardened components. A coupling chain is often a double-row roller chain with an ANSI size. It is supplied in a certain pitch length based on the coupling size. 

Coupling Socket 

Another key component is the connecting sprockets. In their construction, only the best steel is employed. To avoid corrosion, the teeth are heat treated and hardened, and the sprocket is black oxide polished. When constructing a new connection, it’s vital to use the correct sprocket and chain. There are a number of things that might cause a roller chain to wear out prematurely.

  1. A shape that is distressed
  2. Excessively tight joints
  3. hooks on the teeth of the sprocket
  4. Abnormal Protrusion or Turned Pins
  5. Corrosion, rust, and/or pitting are among the most common problems.


Installing a complete roller chain is a straightforward and uncomplicated task. As a trusted partner, Prismecs aids with the delivery and installation of chain coupling accessory kits while delivering great customer service. With the largest online selection of roller chains available, we make it simple to find your chain over the phone. Contact us at 1888 7747632

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