What is a communication gateway module?

The Communications Gateway Module (CGM) gives a control interface between Control Architecture based frameworks and a chosen fieldbus. This gives the opportunity for remote observing and control by external mechanization systems. Data given by the CGM to the fieldbus depends on which Control Architecture based framework and fieldbus are associated. A data outline provided on a outline token is characterized for this pairing. Once the information outline has been stacked into the CGM, it is put away inside, and the map token is now not required for operation. The 3500/92 Communication Gateway module gives broad communication capabilities of all rack-checked values and statuses for integration with prepare control and other robotization frameworks utilizing both Ethernet TCP/IP and serial (RS232/RS422/RS485) communications capabilities. It too grants Ethernet communications with 3500 Rack Setup Program and Date Acquisition Program.

Data Exchange

Data is accessible by block exchange, cyclic transfer, change of state activated, and express get to to individual qualities as characterized by the fieldbus detail.

Key phasor Module

The 3500/25 may be a half height module that gives control and termination for up to two Key phasor transducers. When applications require one or two Key phasor transducers, basically introduce a single3500/90 125728-01module. The 3500 Framework can oblige up to four Key phasor transducers per rack by introducing two 3500/90 125728-01Keyphasor modules within the rack. When two 3500/25 Key phasor modules are utilized, they must be introduced within the same rack opening, 3500/90 125728-01 one over the other. Key phasor signals from the 3500/25 module(s) can be steered to suitable screen modules by means of the 3500’s rack backplane for utilize in speed, stage, following channel, and other estimations

Bently Nevada 3500/92(136180-01) Communication Gateway


The industry’s most broad choice of apparatus estimation parameters combined with program setup for virtually all screen options

Maximum unwavering quality with broad self-checking and fault tolerant plan features

Rugged design that’s completely compliant with the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670 and API 618 necessities, Canadian Measures Affiliation (CSA), Plant Common (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements

Compatibility with a assortment of locally or remotely mounted displays

Flexibility for arrangement with different levels of repetition, extending from simplex modules to double control supplies to repetitive hand-off modules with wide extending and adaptable coherent administrator choices for designing complex transfer rationale as desired

An Ethernet harbor within the 3500/22M Rack Interface Module and a single arrange cable to communicate with GE’s Framework 1 computer program, interfacing condition observing and symptomatic software

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