Crypto mining uses a lot of energy to keep it going.

Ethereum, dogecoin, and other popular cryptos reached record levels in 2021, and so did crypto-based NFTs, raising concerns over the rising energy required to mine the cryptocurrency. In 2022, when the crypto market fell, crypto mining used almost the same amount of energy. It, in turn, leads to the same carbon emission.

The energy cost for mining crypto increases, as does the volume of waste and carbon emissions causing the environmental crisis.

Here’s everything you should know about crypto mining and its energy usage needs.

What is Mining in Crypto?

If bitcoins trade, computers worldwide compete to finish the calculation that generates a hexadecimal 64-digit number, also known as a hash, to rig the bitcoin. The hash then enters into an open ledger so everyone can verify that the transaction for that specific bitcoin occurred. The computer that can solve the problem first receives an award that is 6.2 bitcoins, or around $134,000 at the current price.

Other currencies and NFTs employ similar mining techniques, which contributes to the overall usage of energy.

What Exactly is a Crypto Mining Rig?

It’s a barebones computer with several graphic cards or GPUs instead of the standard single card that can perform the computation. Rigs typically utilize powerful GPUs to perform calculations and require power sources with high watts. The growing popularity of bitcoin mining has led to the shortfall in the graphics card and, in turn, increased their value.

Why does Crypto Mining Consume So Much Energy?

Graphics cards are used in mining rigs 24/7. This consumes an enormous amount of power than simply browsing the internet. A computer with three GPUs can use 1,000 Watts or more while operating. It is equivalent to having a medium-sized window AC unit on.

The crypto mining industry can house hundreds or even thousands of rigs. Rigs not only draw power, but they also produce heat. The more rigs that you have, the hotter it gets. You’ll need cooling if you do not want your rigs to melt.

Many mining rigs come with multiple computers with built-in fans. If you own more than one rig, the room quickly becomes hot and requires external cooling. Smaller operations, such as those run by people, only need a standing fan. Mining facilities require much more cooling, which demands more electricity.

Why is the Use of So Much Energy Harmful to the Earth?

Fossil fuels comprise over 60% of power sources used to generate energy in the US. The majority is natural gas, while some of it is coal. The carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels escapes into the atmosphere. There it absorbs the sun’s heat and triggers an effect known as the greenhouse effect.

Since mining rigs require much more power, adjacent power stations need to generate more power to compensate for the loss. It increases the possibility of more fuels from fossil sources being used. 

States struggling with energy plants powered by coal, like Montana, New York, and Kentucky, are trying to profit with crypto mining businesses.

Also, there is the problem of electronic trash. It could include damaged computers, wires, and other equipment the mining company no longer uses.

Power Supply Solution For Crypto Mining

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