Become a Self-Reliant Miner With Your Own Power Source

We believe that crypto mining can be a sustainable and profitable business. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide a reliable and sustainable power source for our clients.

With Prismecs extensive experience in the power generation industry, we offer the most professional, efficient, accurate, customized, and inexpensive solutions tailored to your needs.

The hefty amount of energy usage during mining process could affect the profitability.

The best solution to this issue is to deploy a RENEWABLE, GAS, or NUCLEAR energy source to power your rig to cut down your power costs and save the environment.

Become a Self-Reliant Miner With Your Own Power Source

Why Have Prismecs Services?

ppa capabilities

We help our clients in acquiring Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from the relevant authorities. We help our clients with legal counsel related to the crypto mining space through our global network worldwide.


We help our clients in land acquisition and setting up the whole infrastructure for mining operations.

your very own power source

Setting up a Sustainable, Inexpensive, Non-Interrupt Power Source to power the mining rig with renewable, gas, or nuclear energy sources.

complete business solutions

Prismecs is working on commoditizing energy infrastructure projects and providing cryptocurrency mining businesses with a complete business solution.

A Brief Overview of PRISMECS Services in Crypto Mining Operations

Prismecs offers global digital miners access to world-class design, engineering, and setting up crypto infrastructure, including green power generation, cost-effective mining enclosures, and electrical solutions.

A few of the highlights of our services are mentioned below.

ppa capabilities highlights

  • Negotiation, structuring, and pricing, of power supply and REP agreements.
  • Negotiations and structuring of QSE services, energy management, and demand response agreements.
  • Manage and negotiate with relevant permit authority.
  • Qualification of any load as a controllable load resource (CLR).
  • Devise and manage a demand response bidding and optimization strategy.
  • Development, permitting, and Qualification of any co-located generation.

Our Services

Power Solutions

We facilitate power solutions for large-scale projects, e.g., crypto mining industry or any industrial process requiring energy on a high scale

Using Waste Heat

We focus on a circular economy to use waste heat from data center operations and add relevant strategic partners for optimized efficiency.

Renewable, Gas or Nuclear

We analyze and propose a sustainable power source solution according to projects’ power requirements, whether to have renewable, gas, or a nuclear power source.

Engineering Services

We offer a vast range of engineering services in crypto mining setup and operations, e.g., MV, LV, and Power distribution.

Capex Investment

We provide consultancy on financing options for Capex investments.

Data Center Field Services

We provide consultation on construction & planning and power sourcing in Data Center operations.

Industries Served

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