When your operations are on the line, choose the end-to-end industrial partner that built its name on reliability and integrity.

In today’s industrial landscape, every part—and every second—matters. Yet too many operations are stuck in the “multiple supplier” model of the past, which makes it more difficult to get the job done right. With Prismecs, industrial teams finally have the reliable end-to-end partner their operations deserve. We secure the parts, we engineer the solution, we install, commission and maintain it. And every step of the way, we deliver with reliability and integrity.

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Prismecs has a track record for delivering turnkey supply chain and engineering solutions in some of the world’s toughest industries. As you read this, our team’s industrial solutions are fueling operations in key global markets. Our experience in oil and gas and metals, mining and cement gives us an in-depth understanding of these industries’ unique requirements. We combine our experience in key industrial sectors with domain expertise that exceeds expectations. From turbine engineering and project procurement to systems engineering and manufacturing, trust Prismecs to deliver effective, customized solutions that maximize uptime.

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We are a Houston, Texas-based company that can serve as a “one-stop-shop” solution for Power Generation, Solar Power, Battery Energy engineering and Supply chain services in the USA and worldwide. We can manage supply chain, reduce the overhead cost and help you procure engineering services worldwide. Prismecs provides turnkey supply chain and engineering solutions for operators around the globe. Forget the multiple supplier model of the past. With Prismecs, you get the supplies and solutions you need from a single partner built on reliability. Let’s talk about your industrial operations and how our team can help.

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