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When your operations require end-to-end procurement partner, engineering services or MRO, contact Prismecs.

In today’s industrial landscape, every part—and every second—matters. Yet too many operations are stuck in the “multiple supplier” model of the past, which makes it more difficult to get the job done right. With Prismecs, industrial teams finally have the reliable end-to-end partner their operations deserve. We secure the parts, engineer the solution and install, commission and maintain it. And every step of the way, we deliver with reliability and integrity.

end-to-end procurement partner

Prismecs has spent the last decade cultivating a reliable, world-class supplier network so is an end-to-end procurement partner and engineering services provider. We trust them to provide reliability and transparency, just as they trust us to be an ethical relationship-driven partner. Together, our suppliers, project managers and technical experts deliver next-level supply chain and engineering solutions for industrial teams that demand the best.

If you wish to be among our suppliers and have something to offer to the world of Energy, Mining and Oil segment you are welcome to become our partner. If you wish to benefit from our engineering services or procurement we can take your project forward from here. Any other need pertaining to parts necessary for your operations can be delivered by our supply chain system which is centered around cost-saving model that ensures efficiency and productivity.

Our experts provide a different kind of MRO:

  • Preventive Maintenance: Our team at Prismecs is all equipped to foresee a problem occurring and jumps to preventive measures.
  • Corrective maintenance: A maintenance of this kind is where the team rectifies a problem that has occurred
  • Predictive Maintenance: By consistently tracking the project flow we maintain a record for the problems which might predict a problem occurring in the future if not paid attention to.

Not only this, our Universal Master Control Panel is a single controller for power plants, providing SCADA, SIS and Fire Safety Control Systems or integrating with your existing ones. Explore our full suite of power generation solutions.

Learn more about our services and what we do. Contact us at; +1 (763) 291-1333 or visit our website for submitting your inquiries; https://prismecs.com/contact-us/
For registering with us as a Supplier submit your information at; https://prismecs.com/vendor-supplier-registration/

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