Dealing with the procurement or managing the supply chain operations for your engineering solutions, can be a huge mess with multiple supplier models. From getting multiple quotations to product delivery and from the operations of the product installation and its maintenance, PRISMECS’ industrial teams finally have the reliable end-to-end partner your operations deserve.

Whether it is the delivery of turnkey supply chain solutions or the operations regarding any of your engineering solutions, PRISMECS is here to help. The current pandemic is the type of event that is only likely to occur once in a lifetime. In recent years, however, supply-chain risk management has become more of a pressing issue for CEOs across industries. Vulnerabilities have been exposed by trade tensions, natural disasters, and other geo-economic disruptions.

The complexity of global industrial supply chains exponentially increases their risk. On average, an auto manufacturer has around 250 tier-one suppliers, but the number proliferates to 18,000 across the full value chain. Aerospace manufacturers have an average of 200 tier-one suppliers and 12,000 across all tiers. Finally, technology companies have an average of 125 suppliers in their tier-one group and more than 7,000 across all tiers.

With all these scenarios and the changing industrial environment, PRISMECS provides a holistic solution for all your engineering needs and solutions across the world. We have worked in some of the world’s toughest industries and have a huge international clientele, for whom we have worked to provide industrial solutions and reduce their procurement and supply chain budgets to its maximum. If you want to explore more about PRISMECS contact us at +1 888 7747632 or email us at sales@prismecs.com. We are here to help.

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