The quickest installation time and best power-to-size ratio are attributes of gas turbines. 

The operation (base load, peak load, trips, starts), the type of fuels used, the manner of NO x management, and the quality of air entering the turbine spare parts are the most important variables impacting the maintenance interval.

It’s critical to understand which wind turbine spare parts require your attention. According to research, the electric system has the most incredible rate of failure. The gears often result in the most extended downtime, and the blades, which have the highest purchase costs, are the most crucial components. Other essential features include the wind turbine’s control system and sensors, which have a high failure rate, resulting in many downtimes, and are expensive to buy.

What Occurs if a Wind Turbine is not Maintained Properly?

When wind turbine spare parts malfunction, they may result in unplanned stoppages. It might breach the manufacturer’s warranty, result in unscheduled service at higher rates and maintenance expenses, fail to meet peak energy demand, and result in lost income for the operator.

Additionally, any repair or replacement involving big components frequently necessitates the costly hire of cranes and other machinery. A wind turbine’s spare parts may, under rare circumstances, catch fire with devastating results.

Why Do You Need a Thriving Spare Parts Strategy?

Most asset owners and operators prefer an OEM warranty and service contract throughout the “infant mortality period” for wind turbines and during the first 2 to 5 years of the asset’s operation. Given their newfound knowledge of how to perform services in a cost-effective ongoing way, the asset owners opt to seek a more cost-effective solution for the remaining period of the wind turbine spare parts operational life once an excellent operating history has been developed.

The lack of replacement components might cause an engine to break down. On the other hand, You must consider inventory expenses to operate a machine economically. In some way, older turbines will have a different spare parts strategy than modern turbines. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find components for older turbine spare parts models. Long lead times for parts translate into high operating expenses.

Maintenance Techniques for Wind Turbines:

Wind farm operators use preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and warranty coverage.  It may also involve replacements, repairs, cleaning, and lubrication. More advanced predictive maintenance employs sensors to keep an eye on the health of the assets.

 Additionally, a CMMS will automatically issue alerts when a maintenance check is overdue.

From Where Can You Get the Best Maintenance Services?

Prismecs, a market-leading wind turbine spare parts & repairs provider, combines technical proficiency and rigor to keep your turbines operational by maintaining and repairing critical systems to prevent potential downtime and performance issues. This is supported by data-driven insights that let us reduce your O&M expenditures through wise monitoring.

We have created specific upgrades, repairs, and exchange processes through innovative detection and diagnostic capabilities to guarantee more excellent wind turbine spare parts performance. Our wind turbine spare parts repairs’ main characteristics are:

  • Ongoing spending on technology
  • Experience in the use of crane-less technologies and bespoke solutions for wind turbine spare parts, updated hardware, and software for better performance and 
  • Rapid response time for wind turbine components

So, you are always welcome to dial 18887747632 or email us at sales@prismecs.com to inform us about your queries and concerns. 

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