Electricity is an essential factor in our daily life. It gets generated from conventional energy sources. Traditional energy sources are mitigating daily, whereas energy demand is boosting significantly. Moreover, less land accessibility, less budget for energy or power generation, and weather-dependent renewable sources result in the cause of poor energy management in the entire world. 

 This article will discuss Power Generation‘s current status and prospects.  

These less-implemented electro power sources can significantly reduce energy scarcity in electric generation. Appropriate planning and improvement are needed to benefit from these less-implemented energy sources.

Power Generation from less-focused approaches:


Various approaches for electric generation are getting less attention to date. In the following section, we are discussing the near-future energy sources and their power generation pathways. 

Mechanical sources

Mechanical energy is usually known as kinetic energy & potential kind of energy. It is Less-used mechanical energy that can become a potential source of power generation

Smart-energy textiles

Smart energy textiles can quickly produce electricity using triboelectric generators (TG). These sources have electro power on a small scale. Various kinds of TG are accessible; however, the textile is very productive. The TG, when linked to woven fabrics, can produce electricity from human motion. 

Polymer & liquid metal get employed in generating the textile-type TG. 

Typically current collectors & tribe materials are the significant elements to store the generated power. Both negative & positive charges generate while a force acts on the surface of separated silk fiber along with the TG interface. 

Vehicle suspension: 

A vehicle suspension system can permit a source of mechanical energy in a kind of linear motion & vibration which then can be helpful to produce electric power. Utilizing a regenerative shock absorber, dynamo mechanism & rack-pinion can produce electricity from the vibration & linear motion of the suspension system.

This kind of electric energy can easily be useful to charge the dc battery to store energy to operate automobiles like power windows, flashlights, air conditioning systems, and much more. 

Clutch & braking systems of vehicles

Electromagnetic clutches can also get employed for power generation. You can use an electromagnetic clutch & restrict switch mechanism. It is possible to reuse the waste heat energy of vehicles. Finally, employing the dynamo-battery system, you can utilize this wasted heat to produce electro energy. 

Typically, the regenerative braking system (RBS) is useful for electricity generation. RBS overcomes the speed of the automobile & reshaped that reduced kinetic energy into a kind of energy, including electrical power.

Electricity from human motion

Daily activities of humans, including walking, can turn into a potential source of energy production. An average person employs around 280 kcal/h, equivalent to 324 W of electro energy.

We can convert this power into electric energy using various sets of mechanisms such as particular types of tiles. 

Similarly, the kinetic energy produced from the up & down oscillations of a backpack while walking can also be a great source of Power generation. This exciting idea utilizes a suitable electromechanical mechanism.

 A standard backpack follows sinusoidal motion while walking. 

Heat energy

Heat is the primary form of energy that comes from somewhere in the electrical energy generation system. You can use heat wastes in many procedures, such as secondary applications.

We can use this heat for power generation by adapting appropriate arrangements. Here, we are not talking about the conventional utilization of waste heat to produce electricity but rather about the overview of this method. 

Broader applications of solar energy

You can use solar energy in many ways, and we are getting its advantages in our daily life. There are two typical strategies for implementing solar energy for power generation: using PV cells & eating. 

Thermal electrochemical converter

In conventional heat and power generation systems, the thermal preference for heat is by burning fossil fuels such as diesel, petrol, and many more. Furthermore, it ensures the utilization of solar energy instead of fossil fuels. It is an innovative and productive option for the upcoming future. We can use it for employment emission.  

Space-based solar power

Space on earth is decreasing day by day. People are attempting to place PV-related solar systems as a substitute for water bodies such as rivers & oceans. However, solar power retrieving systems can be acted in satellite-based facilities, although it seems nowadays as an ambitious approach to power generation. From the distribution approach of solar radiation, the reality is that solar intensity is higher in space than in the earth’s area. 


The rapid growth in overall energy and related environmental effects play an essential role in the significant sustainable & green global energy transition. Furthermore, the power generation sector is the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the transformation of renewable energy (RE) into the power grid has attracted much economic, environmental & technical attention in recent years.

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What are sustainable approaches to power generation?

Renewable energy sources like wind, hydroelectric power, solar & geothermal energy usually are far more sustainable than fossil fuel sources. However, a few renewable energy projects, such as clearing forests and trees to generate biofuels, can cause severe environmental damage.

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