The equipment responsible for drilling and delivering their valuable cargo in the oil and gas business is subjected to some of the worst environmental and fatigue conditions. The equipment is designed to withstand a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions, and it is expected that the fasteners used to join it will also withstand these extreme conditions. This is when a NUT HEX fastener shines. 


These bolts and nuts are suitable for use with high-pressure pumps and vessels, as well as pumping stations and metering pumps. While normal fasteners are strengthened by using stainless steel, petrochemical fasteners are created with a completely different grade of materials and coatings. Hex nuts are frequently used in conjunction with stud bolts. The type of hex nuts used is determined by numerous parameters such as the diameter, length, grade of material, and thread type of the stud bolts. Hex bolts can be used in two ways: both sides of the bolt can be chamfered, or one side can be utilised with a washer. This ensures that the load and tension are evenly distributed and  eliminates the possibility of causing damage to the surface on either side.

With the countless spare parts of PW-FT8, HEX NUTS are frequently coated with protective coatings to protect the equipment and fasteners from the impacts of petrochemical corrosion and abrasion. These coatings will keep your fasteners safe against galling, seizing, and surface damage. Prismecs, a trusted partner with engineered solutions, supplies secure parts as well as installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Check out our work at Prismecs or get in touch with the supplier to learn more about the industrial operations and how the team can assist. 

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