Gas-fired turbines are one of the best power generation methods, so it’s no surprise that they’re also one of the most frequent. With short starting and shutdown times and low fuel consumption, they’re an intriguing alternative for generating power almost everywhere. However, creating electricity by burning gas is a critical function that produces heat, and keeping the heart of the turbine whirling necessitates that the surrounding components survive in a tough environment. Regardless of the turbine’s footprint or location, hose assembly in gas turbines is an engineered metal assembly that is trusted to provide the safety and reliability required in this application.


At absolute zero, turbine gas burner pipes exist. These pipes, which are only a few inches away from the combustion chamber, deliver a steady flow of fuel gas to the turbine. As many as twenty tiny hose assemblies are frequently positioned around the turbine manifold, all of which work together to spread the fuel in the extreme heat. 



  • Superior service life and highly flexible metal hose 
  • ASME IX fabrication coupled with unique fitting attachment techniques provide superb hose assembly integrity 
  • Fire-safe and will not bake, crack, or lose flexibility like other hoses 
  • Stainless steel hose core will not permit gas effusion like other materials 
  • Superior physical resistance to permeation and puncture 
  • Machine-braided hose provides the best physical resistance to permeation and puncture



  • Resistance to temperature: The use of all stainless steel ensures maximum heat resistance.
  • Security: Permeation resistance and fire safety provide integrity and security in buildings.
  • A Life of Service:  The use of a highly flexible hose assembler extends the life of the line and protects it from damage.


Due to temperature and vibration considerations, a flexible metal hose is appropriate for gas turbines, and PRISMECS offers a solution that meets these high standards to help assure continued operation between shutdowns. Visit our website to get more details at: https://prismecs.com/

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