Prismecs can supply customized industrial power systems from assembly to production equipment to suit specific industrial environments. Let’s have a look at available power supplies which can serve as industrial power supplies!

What are industrial power sources?

Electrical power supply for industries includes the equipment designed to supply the power needed for industrial machinery. 

Any device that can provide electric power to a circuit could be considered a power source. The three most popular kinds of industrial power supplies are:

  1. Unregulated power supplies
  2. Linear power supplies
  3. Switching power supply

Unregulated power supplies:

While unregulated power sources are the most simple to construct. They have a sturdy construction. They are not the best to use in industrial settings since they cannot generate a steady voltage. 

Linear power supplies

Linear power supplies were the most popular option for industrial use. A linearly controlled power supply offers a constant output voltage independent of the output current. 

They are typically pure DC power sources while being very quiet in their output voltage noise and ripple. 

They are suitable for applications that require an enormous inrush current. However, with time, this type of power supply was not more efficient option in terms of weight, size, and performance than switching power supplies.

Switching power supply

Switching power supply is the most frequently used power supply in industries currently. They are smaller and more powerful devices that can convert AC input power into DC at low voltage. 

They are 25% more efficient than their linear counterparts while being about 25% smaller in dimensions of older models. 

These benefits make switching power supplies the ideal choice for many industrial applications of today. We must identify the specifications of the particular application before selecting a power supply.

How do you choose an industrial power source?

Selecting an industrial power source will require a thorough review of the specifications of every connected device. Examining the specifications of devices that will draw energy from the supply can help to determine the right kind of needed supply. 

For instance, some devices might require pure output. Although linear power supplies are quieter in their outputs than power supplies that switch. They could be equally quiet if they are constructed with noise at the output in mind.

Whatever kind of industrial supply we select, it’s essential to determine the following:

  • Each device’s DC input specifications
  • The power that each device will draw from the power source 

So that it can adapt to fulfill the requirements. When it comes to switching power sources, the voltage of output is usually variable. 

Modern power supply models posses sensors that can determine the voltage to use and also protection against overvoltage – but under-voltage is a problem this is difficult to deal with.

Access the power requirements:

It is essential to have power requirements assessed before taking any decision. Every device has its own specific set of conditions, and while smaller parts (such as solenoids and indicator lights) might appear small enough to overlook but when combined in a larger context, they can have an impact on the overall requirements. 

The most common practice is estimating the power requirements as precisely as possible and adding another 25% to guarantee spare capacity and ensure performance.

What makes Prismecs the best option for industrial power supply?

As an industrial power provider, Prismecs is here to guarantee the best supply for industrial applications of all kinds. 

We provide numerous custom solutions and have years of experience in designing highly efficient industrial power supplies that can meet any specifications for industrial use. Explore our solutions and contact us now at 18887747632

Custom Solutions

Prismecs provides completely custom powers design services. Our mechanical and electrical power engineers will use established design concepts and topologies to come up with a solution for your industrial power needs. 

If you don’t have a specific specification, Prismecs’ engineering staff will help you determine your needs and then provide an answer. So, please write us your queries at sales@prismecs.com

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