How to switch to renewable energy with the help of Prismecs?

According to Forbes, in 2020, Carbon Tracker research submitted, around 46% of coal-fired power plants will become unprofitable; mounting to 53% by 2030 and overall global coal consumption was estimated to fall by 8% according to the IEA.

The developed countries are moving towards the renewable solutions and especially the trend is to look for affordable renewable energy solutions in the USA.

While the world is dealing with a pandemic and climate change the world is quickly adapting to the new needs of the coming era. Affordable renewable energy solutions in the USA are not as expensive as they once used to be. The battery systems to store renewable energy have improved exponentially. Solar energy and wind energy are considered an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Green hydrogen and CSS are of much more interest now than they ever were to major giants of the industry like total, BP and shell.

The smaller players are also realizing the need for the shift.

Prismecs is an Energy Company based out of Houston, which has a vast experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Not only this, Prismecs has also expanded its expertise to solar energy and Battery energy storage system. If you are following the tide and moving towards the affordable renewable energy solutions in the USA give us a call or email us your query.

What do we have to offer to you?

Voltage instability. Renewable energy firming. Frequency regulation. Our engineers understand the challenges of reliable power, and we help our clients’ secure flexible solutions that manage the daily demand cycle. Our battery energy storage system (BESS) experts tap into a mix of engineering, manufacturing, procurement and domain experience to help our clients get the job done right.

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