Newly arrived at your new crypto mining location? The first thing is to ensure that you will pay only your part. That’s why taking the meter reading on the first day in your new home is advisable.

This is an excellent time to introduce you to the president of the community. It would help if you used power supplies for running your Crypto mining infrastructure.

Whether it’s new construction or old, you should take note of your consumption and old consumption. Look for hydropower! 

When crypto mining, the first thing is to take note of the different counters (light, water, gas). To take responsibility only for what you are going to consume, you must be careful.

About Hydro Power Crypto Mining

This is the time to decrease the pollution and carbon footprints on the earth. If you are running your crypto mining infrastructure, Hydropower crypto mining is your ultimate option. This is the renewable energy source that offers you ease for crypto mining. It gives advantages beyond electricity generation by providing clean drinking water, irrigation support, flood control, and many more.

Your Freedom of Choice Is Sacred

You must know that you are always free to choose your Hydro powered crypto mining source. You decide you send. One must look for the best resources to generate power for crypto mining. It is legitimate that you are keen on changing or continuing with the electric company.

What Can You Choose?

Prismecs is the company that will offer you a customized solution, or you can go for the best hydro crypto mining options.

What Can You not Choose?

The company responsible for getting the energy to your crypto mining infrastructure can be a distributor. You should not choose it because you must choose the one that corresponds to your mining place.

When You Arrive At Crypto Mining Spot, It May Happen That:

The light comes out from its power source, and both the power and the rate seem appropriate. If you want to continue as a client, you must change the contract owner. This procedure is simple, fast, and accessible. In this context, we guide you so that you know if your power is adequate. 

The light comes out, but the power seems excessive or insufficient: you will have to make a change of power. This procedure costs money (at least about 11 euros), although lowering the power can save a lot on your bill. Prismecs is the best.

The power is available, but you want to change the tariff. It is essential when you arrive. You can “inherit” a contract with a particular company and a specific rate. If what you find does not convince you, you are free to change the marketing company.

There are all kinds of rates that are adaptable to your consumption profile. It even gives you hours when you will not pay for electricity.

The light has no connection to the electricity network: there is no light, and you have to sign up. This procedure costs money if you do not use your supply point for more than three years. For this reason, the payment of this procedure is suitable for the distributor in the first invoice.

How to Calculate Power Consumption?

In order to calculate the electrical power we will need to contract, it is good to learn about Hydro powered crypto mining. You need to check the power consumption of the entire crypto mining infrastructure. At the end of the day, the highest energy consumption happens from different appliances.

Prismecs is an excellent crypto mining solution. To calculate the electrical power, we must make a sum of all the power. We take it from all our appliances, adding to 1 kW more. It is suitable for the small devices that are part of the installation.

The result will guide us when choosing a power section or another. In any case, online power calculators calculate the power you need in your home. They work after entering the necessary data.

So, call us today at 18887747632 or write us an email at sales@prismecs.com to see how we can help you!

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