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The word “industrial OEM” might be a little confusing. People use the phrase “OEM” in a variety of ways, therefore there is some misunderstanding as to what it really means. From digital signs to healthcare technology, industrial OEMs are engaged in many different aspects of product development and Industrial OEM part suppliers act as a middle man.

The manufacture of components for other goods is one of the functions of OEMs in technology. A Flash memory card made by one manufacturer may be used in a device made by a different firm. In many circumstances, the OEM provides the industrial-grade goods needed by the end device business. Flash memory, for example, may be given by the OEM that can satisfy particular operating and storage conditions and has a regulated BOM and life cycle management, so that the components provided by the OEM will not fail in the field. Outside of the devices and products in which they are incorporated, most OEM components may be bought.

Industrial OEMs play a vital role in the development and production of industrial grade goods. Industrial applications need specific knowledge and technical know-how, and OEMs have such expertise. It is critical to ensure that all components of an industrial application can withstand the harsh circumstances in which they will be utilized in order to avoid data loss and system breakdowns.

From design and engineering through supply chain, commissioning and even MRO, PRISMECS team delivers the full package—no matter your operating environment or power requirements. We secure the parts. We engineer the solution. Then, we install, commission and maintain it. We deal with branded Industrial OEM Parts including GE, Woodward, Pratt & Whitney, APR Energy, Bently Nevada, Siemens, Emerson and much more.

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