Why is Bolted Storage Tank the right choice for Industrial Storage Tanks?

We at Prismecs believe the bolted Tanks provided by Tank connections are exceptional. Industrial storage tanks have the longevity and durability that suits their purpose. As their official distributors in the middle east, we believe in the product they are providing.

In dry bulk storage tank applications, we can minimize and eliminate the problems of yesterday by prescribing the right storage tank system to interface with an existing or new material handling system.

Industrial Storage Tanks


  • #1 bolted storage tank design offered worldwide
  • The highest quality field-welded storage tank construction available in North America, meeting API 650 and API 620 requirements
  • Best coating system available for dry bulk storage tank applications
  • Top-rated field construction process worldwide (storage silos are jacked from grade level using a proprietary synchronized jacking process)
  • The leading team of experts in dry bulk storage tank applications (over 2,100 years of combined industry experience)
  • Competitive price leader in storage tanks and silos worldwide


  • Typical hopper slopes: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and custom slope in tanks up to 100,000 cubic feet
  • We provide custom design chisel hopper designs for coal and other materials to eliminate inherent bridging problems inside the silo and provide reliable material flow
  • Tank Connection specializes in functional mass flow for specific materials
  • Flat bottom storage available up to 2,000,000 cubic feet
  • Tank Connection dry bulk storage tank specifications can be downloaded within minutes from our website
  • Exterior DRY Fusion 5500 FBE™ coating is unmatched in the dry bulk storage industry
  • We provide a complete storage system performance package including auxiliary equipment, fill and discharge equipment, foundations design, and supply, weigh scales, and automated controls
  • We are equipped for immediate worldwide mobilization with fully equipped self-contained shipping containers
  • Both union and non-union field installation services are available
  • We have the ability to cut your field installation timeframe in half contingent upon storage silo construction specified
  • Golden Rule customer service on every project
  • Total storage system performance guarantee by one company, Tank Connection

In liquid storage tank systems, Tank Connection manufactures the #1 bolted storage tank available worldwide. Tank Connection’s LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ coating system is a stronger system than porcelain enamel (glass). Also, it is superior to all field-applied storage tank coating systems.

Tank Connection has the #1 steel water tank design and liquid coating system available.

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