A gas turbine is a machine that uses compressed air to extract energy from a stream of hot gas produced by the combustion of gas or fuel oil. They are well-known for their affordability, versatility, and availability. Later, the units can be set to run in either a simple or combined cycle mode. Within the gas turbines, the most serious degrading problem is fouling of inlet and compressor casings which could result in a loss in airflow, pressure ratio, and efficiency. 

Inlets & Compressor Casings

Module component aerodynamic and thermodynamic basics 

A gas turbine has inlet and compressor casings that are primary to the functioning. A gas turbine can consume many times as much fuel as a reciprocating engine of equal size. The air inlet is usually a smooth, bell-shaped aluminum alloy duct. It ensures that air enters the compressor with the least amount of turbulence possible. Struts usually stiffen the outer shell of the front frame to prevent airflow vibration. An anti-icing system bleeds compressor air (at discharge or at a pressure greater than atmospheric) from an appropriate compressor stage and directs it into these struts. The temperature of the air prevents ice formation and that has wrecked a ton of gas turbine engines.


However, the compressor casing consists of revolving discs with blades that rotate and stationary vanes that steer air to the next row of blades. The air is accelerated by the first stage compressor rotor blades as it approaches their trailing edges and the first stage vanes. The first stage vanes slow the air and direct it to the compressor rotor blades in the second stage, and so on through the compressor rotor stages (each stage is one rotating stage and one stationary stage). A compressor casing is built inside the Frame 6 gas turbines. It serves as the forward and center sections of the compressor zone, integrating with the inlet bearing casing and CDC while cooling air extraction. 


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