Supply chains management can be challenging and it can mess up a plant’s operational capabilities completely. Also the model followed by most of the underway projects is a multiple-supplier model which can complicate things further, where slight delays, misunderstandings and supplier-relationship hurdles can cause losses which are unconceivable. We have around 1700+ world-class manufacturers in our global supplier network, supplying us with power generation and power distribution equipment. Our relationships and capabilities make Prismecs uniquely positioned to be your single power generation partner.

Prismecs provides the solution to all such problems with its one-stop-shop solution. From around the globe, we receive orders from different project sites and for different supplies. Prismecs team takes great pride in always delivering to our clients wherever they might be in the world, on time and near their convenient locality.

Not only does the job gets easier but the procurement services we provide makes us a necessity for the next cycle of projects, once the clients have experienced the way Prismecs work.

A holistic approach to supply chain management is the future of the big industries. The supply chain experts are all gathered under one roof and get the best possible terms on the table for their clients and their supply chain needs. As the power generation sector continues to evolve, our experts will keep your operations going with the most efficient, affordable solution. Our team is home to world-class mechanical and electrical engineers, supply chain experts, technologists and project managers that work together to get the job done right.

Quoting Thomas W. Overton, JD, POWER magazine’s associate Editor, “It’s important to remember that not all supply chain management innovations necessarily support one another. Increased redundancy to reduce the risk of disruption, for example, can increase complexity of communication and performance metrics. An integrated supplier network has more parts to monitor, increasing the risk of losing focus on the whole. Successful companies will maintain a holistic approach in managing their supply chains, making visibility, flexibility, and collaboration key priorities.”

Effective supply chain management provides three primary benefits to an organization, according to MSU’s online Supply Chain Management I course.

  1. Lowered Costs

By integrating suppliers and applying technology, organizations can lower operating costs by responding more dynamically to customer needs. For example, managing based on demand keeps organizations from over-producing, which not only reduces labor and raw materials costs, but also cuts down on inventory management costs and transportation costs.

  1. Increased Revenue

When organizations use technology to stay closer to customer demand and respond more quickly (as in the Walmart example keeping shelves stocked), it’s more likely products remain available for customers to purchase. When manufacturing is streamlined to produce just enough, labor and materials can be devoted to developing new items to offer the customer and expand the product mix. Outside the product realm, this may mean offering additional services customers.

  1. Asset Utilization

With effective supply chain management, organizations can use capitol assets, like production or transportation equipment, most effectively. Rather than adding wear and tear to manufacturing equipment needlessly, businesses can produce to the need.

Supply chain management allows organizations to deliver more quickly, ensure products are available, reduce quality issues, and navigate returns with ease, ultimately improving value, both within the organization and for the customers.


Prismecs prioritizes your MRO needs. How?

Since day one, we’ve built a team of bar-none turbine engineers with expertise in tough industrial environments. We pair our demonstrated experience with gas turbines and other sources of power with strong OEM relationships. We focus on our supply chain services. All of this combined is what makes operations run smoothly.

MRO usually don’t seem like a lot, for big industrial giants and this is why MRO is overlooked by some of the major companies. But let’s get one thing straight, if you run out of one vital element the entire operation shuts down. So MRO effects your production’s process and it directly can halt the production line which can cost you much more than what a measly MRO budget might have predicted in the beginning. You can imagine your staff taking a break for not just hours, but days, missing deadlines for your clients, losing cash to get back on your feet.

So well explained and here is the quote from a website:

“For the sake of having a proper MRO Procurement, Inventory Management, and Supplier Management organization and business process in place you can avoid phenomenal risks to the survival of your business.”

So MRO is essential for the business and this is how to conclude it perfectly:

“MRO is an essential, and unavoidable, aspect of every Operation and Procurement organization.

Take the time to create the appropriate business processes, infrastructure and strategy to support MRO. Even if you have a small organization you need to invest in this area.

Otherwise you will find you are spending a lot more time dealing with the fires and disasters that come from inadequate management than you would from proactive management.”

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