Success in today’s oil and gas industry is an intricate challenge. Quality must be confirmed, and resources and costs upgraded, all while securing people and the environment. Industrial oil and gas applications provide cutting-edge technologies and proficiency to achieve performance enhancements at every stage. Providing accuracy in process and quality monitoring, transparency in inventory, and efficiency in transfer and distribution, we expedite your production while protecting your conformity.


The Exploration & Production sector is based on enhancing worker safety in foreign platforms by using digital technologies to improve existing processes and enable remote supervision.

In these times of volatility, organizations are focusing on increasing asset utilization to optimize cost. During downtimes, coping with excess capacity and little-used resources can make the difference between survival and success.


Midstream companies constantly meet operational and maintenance challenges of assets such as pipelines, gas plants, transport vessels and compression stations. Companies strive to manage and control such different operations effectively. Accounting, reporting, and conformity requirements must be checked and any discrepancy must be considered for. Many midstream companies also face the risk of integrating trading operations into their accounting and supply systems. It brings a specific combination of experiences varying from transportation to asset management.


Refineries present various challenges due to their complicated operations, assets, integrity requirements, and compressed operating limits. Maintenance, shutdowns, start-ups, and transformations must be meticulously organized and executed with accurate partnership between employee and contract crews. The secondary distribution of oil and gas products requires transparency of all aspects of operations to achieve utmost profitability. Active planning is required to ensure storage, transfer, and transportation to meet all the demands of customer.

It provides various solutions that serve to downstream operations of the Oil & Gas sector.

Enterprise Digital Services:

The Oil &Gas industry has been low to the adaptation of digital technology in their enterprise because of a range of obstacles, including complex business processes, lack of willingness, and an ongoing view of profits realization. True digital modernization requires moving ahead of confined digital projects to reviving the organization. The crucial tasks for the Oil & Gas Services sector today are accepting their point of departure and setting ambitious goals. Digital & Analytics services bring its entire scope of expertise from recommendation to execution to ensure that digital innovation can enable an endless IT transformation.

Solutions & Services:

  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Worker Safety Solution

Asset Integrity Management:

While Asset Integrity Management (AIM) has always been recognized as a primary approach for operational organizations, several drivers, Factors such as process conformity, improved commercial, supervisory, and environmental awareness, high-profile incidents, and the need to optimize asset use and impact, have made it a vital strategy for organizations with demanding operations..

The challenges faced by mature organizations rotate around the quality of information regarding individual equipment and components through the disconnecting process. There is only very basic clarity into the entire structure of asset and no authentic detail of the equipment associated. Decommissioning tends to support crude solutions, which are unlikely to stand either the test of time or supervisory checking, making it extremely complex to achieve the benchmark being set around asset clarity and process conformation.

oil and gas industry

Our solutions to support Asset integrity management focus at maintaining all assets safely and efficiently.

The following accelerators further enable companies’ projects with solutions that cover the complete application lifespan from commissioning to decommissioning:

  • HANA – Lifecycle analytics, operational data combination, real-time analytics and transactional performance
  • Usability & Mobility Framework – Online/Offline scenarios using the SAP mobile platform, role-based industry based screens and applications, incorporating the latest UI technology
  • Cloud – Optimized industry solutions, expandable, fast deployment.
  • Accelerated Delivery – Templates – devise & build, transformation support and training

Enabling Asset Integrity processes, AIM incorporates advanced SAP solutions to provide:

  • A precise and prompt depiction of reality.
  • Complete asset lifecycle coverage
  • Process lifecycle coverage and compliance

This can assist in obtaining the following advantages:

  • 50% reduction in incidents
  • Employee productivity >30% due to mobility and focused applications
  • Improved work and asset performance resulting in a reduction of stock out in inventory.

Worker Safety Solution:

Worker Safety solution, a new Cloud-based solution that ensures the safety of  professional workers in mining, construction, oil and gas, utilities, logistics, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. Crafted to reduce workplace hazards, it’s a major step towards making risk-oriented occupations safer and reliable for everyone.

Benefits :

Reduced Accident and Improved Response Time:

  • Cautious alerts to expedite emergency response to crucial situations such as impact man-down, gas leak, etc.
  • The accelerated process to evacuate hazardous areas, supervises process, and guide teams properly.
  • Prevents workers from entering hazardous areas to ensure work safety.
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved local visibility and communication.
  • Automated access controls for employees and workers.
  • In the case of mining, manual processes in settlement before and after the blast can be reduced through safety wearable’s technology.

Cost Reduction:

  • It saves a lot of money in medical expenditures and insurance.
  • It minimizes the entire cost of operation.

Final Remarks:

Prismecs provide integrated solutions that enhance efficient automation and control in the process. Our engineers comprehend issues and exactly what’s needed, devising best solutions that maintain production levels high. With the business pressures increasing, it becomes complex for the oil and gas industries to design and execute efficient procurement strategies. While the challenges would not stop impeding the oil exploration and production businesses, there’s surely a method to overcome them. Prismecs offers a comprehensive solution to address the difficulties in the procurement process of the oil and gas industry. Our team will provide personalized support to ensure that you receive the services you need, without having to look elsewhere. Just give us a call at 18887747632 or you can email us at sales@prismecs.com

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