Industrial Power Generation Solutions and Renewable Energy

As the power generation sector continues to evolve, our experts will keep your operations going with the most efficient, affordable solution. Our team is home to world-class mechanical and electrical engineers, supply chain experts, technologists and project managers that work together to get the job done right. We have unmatched experience in turbomachinery and other sources of reliable power, and rock-solid OEM relationships that enable us to meet every client’s unique specifications. Industrial operations around the globe choose Prismecs for power generation. And when they do, they get everything their project needs to go from “design” to “reliable power.”

Power Generation

Project Detailed Planning

Whether brownfield or greenfield, every project required proper planning to meet timelines, budgets and specifications. Our project planning ensures every power generation solution gets off on the right foot. We leverage best practices and technology to determine the path of construction, minimize lead times, clear budgets hurdles and beyond.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Our mechanical and electrical engineers are experts at solving tough power generation problems. We’re adept at adaptation and modification, and have a track record for designing systems that include cooling towers, condensers, steam piping, scrubbers and more. We build safety into our designs from day one to ensure a final product that fires on all cylinders.

SCADA and SIS Services

In today’s digital transformation, SCADA systems are critical to collecting, sharing and coordinating operational data. Prismecs helps industrial teams implement and integrate SCADA and SIS systems into their operations, putting the power of analytics at their fingertips. For clients looking to take data insights one step further, Prismecs’ Universal Master Control Panel integrates with SCADA systems to enable complete control of their plant.

Project Electrical and P&ID Controls

Our engineers have specialized experience in power generation’s unique processes. Let us develop your Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and system control schemes, including key piping and instrumentation details, safety and regulatory requirements, startup information and shutdown schemes.

LV/MV Substation Erection & Testing Services

Prismecs has a track record for erecting both low-voltage and medium-voltage substations for our global clientele. Integral to an electrical generation, transmission and distribution system, these substations transform voltage so that a power generation solution can get its job done. Through substation testing, we maximize the value of these assets across their lifecycle, ensuring unmatched reliability.

LV/MV Transformer Installation and Testing Services

Modern power generation solutions are more complex, and often require more integrations, than ever before. Prismecs offers end-to-end Balance of Plant (BOP) components, including cabling and connections, to ensure disparate systems work together to get the job done.

HV Generation Installation, Overhaul and Maintenance

As part of our turnkey power generation solutions, Prismecs installs and maintains high-voltage generators that ensure both safety and reliability. Our power generator MRO services minimize downtime and maximize your asset value across the entire lifecycle.

Plant Outage and Demobilization Services

Leverage our team’s expertise in both planned and unplanned outages to minimize downtime. No matter your state of planning, Prismecs’ plant outage and demobilization services will help expedite your turnaround so you can get back to peak productivity.

Substation Protection Equipment and Analysis

Circuit breakers and other power-system protections are critical to preventing overload currents and other critical issues. Prismecs’ power generation experts will analyze your substation’s current protection systems and design solutions that mitigate risk.

Air, Water and/or Fuel Filtration

Filtration is critical to the environmental performance of your power generation solution. Whether your system requires air, water and/or fuel filtration, trust Prismecs to get the job done with both the environment and your bottom line at the forefront.

Fuel Storage Systems

Fuel storage is critical to balancing supply and demand, and ensuring overall reliability of your power generation solution. Prismecs provides customized fuel storage systems based on your operation’s unique needs.

Operation, Maintenance Supplies & Services

You can’t have productivity and profit without power generation. When your solution needs Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services, a reliable parts and services supply chain is mission critical. Prismecs has spent the last decade cultivating one of the most impressive supplier networks in the industry. We put our network to work for you by delivering the Operation & Maintenance Services you need, exactly where and when you need them. Trust us for all your gas turbine and reciprocating engines, O&M services and MRO supply needs.

Engineering, Supply Chain and MRO Expertise

Since day one, we’ve built a team of bar-none turbine engineers with expertise in tough industrial environments. We pair our demonstrated experience with gas turbines and other sources of power with strong OEM relationships. We have around 1700+ world-class manufacturers in our global supplier network, supplying us with power generation and power distribution equipment. Our relationships and capabilities make Prismecs uniquely positioned to be your single power generation partner.

Our Power Plant Control Technology

After working on countless power generation solutions, Prismecs saw the need for a more powerful, streamlined power plant controller. So we created it. Our Universal Master Control Panel enables complete control of your power plant. Utilize its built-in SCADA, SIS and Fire Safety Control Systems, or integrate it with your existing SCADA to make the most of your existing investments. From peak sharing and peak curve to fuel and lighting, our control system is helping industrial teams optimize their facility’s operations with confidence.

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