Crypto mining refers to the mining and verification of digital currencies through computing power. It is the procedure of generating new digital coins by figuring out the exceptionally complex math problems that validate transactions in a currency. The prices of crypto currency has skyrocketed in recent years, so there has been an increase in investment and mining as well. For crypto mining services, there is an arrangement of hardware components like ASIC, CPU, FPGA which is also known as a mining rig. These rigs consume larger amounts of electricity or power to run. We need alternative power solutions from renewable energy sources to optimize operation in mining rigs.

Block Chain Technology:

crypto mining

A block chain is an advanced digital data base or ledger that is divided among the nodes of a peer to peer network. A block chain data base stores data in blocks that are connected together in a chain. Crypto mining works on the procedure of joining a block to a chain. To successfully add a block to the chain, the miners have to solve extremely complex math problems by using expensive computers and huge amount of electricity.

Ways of Mining:

  • Proof of work:

To finish the mining procedure, miners must be close to nearest answer to the question. The procedure of guessing the correct answer is known as “proof of work”. It requires a great computing power and electricity and the difficulty arises as there are more miners who join the network. So crypto mining works on block chain technology.

  • Proof of Stake:

Proof of stake is a method used in the crypto currency industry to help in validating transactions. A particular crypto currency amount will allow you to create a node accountable for validating transactions and creating new coins from the blocks.

Benefits of Crypto mining:

  • To work for a mined bitcoin can be very lucrative. When the mining companies can afford the computing power, they can stand to gain great rewards by mining bitcoins.
  • The future of bitcoins and crypto currency are on the rise. So many people are eager to invest in it to gain huge amount of profit.
  • While the crypto currency prices may be volatile, the bitcoins which are stored in your wallet are still worth something. So you cannot get bankrupt through crypto currency mining.
  • You are required to pay a low fee for the transaction made on the bitcoin network. The incentive from mining automatically gets transferred to your wallet.

Optimizing Crypto mining Operations:

Crypto mining needs a lot of power which an established grid power from cities or national grid network cannot provide that amount of excessive power in a short period of time. Sometimes the electricity power is so expensive that makes crypto mining infeasible. Investors need to find an alternative solution for the power supply.

  • Rental Power Solution:

The life cycle of mining devices is around 5 years sometimes investors of a crypto farm decide to go with a short-term rental power solution instead of providing an established power plant owned by them. The rental solution makes more sense when the city has ongoing power supply projects which soon or later can provide the required amount of power for the crypto farm through the grid. The only thing that you need to provide for a rental power provider is a sufficient amount of natural gas available near your farm. In general, rental providers handle the operation and maintenance of their generators which makes your life easier as a crypto farm investor.

  • Gas engine generator set:

Gas engines seem to be a good choice for the power source of a crypto mining farm. Gas engines have a high power generation efficiency, which makes them a good fit when power is the only utility that is important in our project. Nowadays gas engine efficiencies are even higher than 50% which means they turn 50% of their input energy into electricity.

  • Gas turbine generator set:

Gas turbines can be started within minutes, which make them fit with the applications that we need to meet sudden high loads. They are designed for continuous operation and often combined with steam turbines to improve the total efficiency by using the exhaust heat of gas turbines.

  • Crypto Mining with Solar Panels:

The number of solar panels it takes to mine bitcoin depends on the percentage of your energy you want coming from solar power as well how much bitcoin you need to mine. A solar-powered bitcoin mining rig has the following components:

  • A solar power source
  • A motherboard (most motherboards will work as long as they have the capacity to connect with multiple GPUs)
  • A cooling system
  • GPU cards
  • A 100 to 250 GB hard disc drive to accommodate the crypto wallet
  • Risers (specialist extension cards or power adaptors)
  • A power switch

The electricity to run your bit mining operation is free once you have installed your solar panels. You won’t have to worry about paying for electricity for years to come since modern solar panels last for several decades. The biggest cost of solar-powered crypto mining lies in the initial costs for the setup. And the result is a steady stream of passive income that can mount up over time.


All in all, crypto mining can be a profitable and sustainable business. The rewards can be tremendous if you have done the mining successfully. The massive amount of energy usage during mining process could affect the profitability. The best solution to this issue is to deploy a renewable, gas, or solar energy source to power your rig to cut down your power costs and save the environment. Prismecs offers the most professional, customized, accurate, efficient, and inexpensive power solutions designed for your crypto mining needs. So, call us at 18887747632 or write us an email at sales@prismecs.com to get the best services for your crypto mining venture and turning it into a lucrative business.


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