When it comes to Supply Chain Services and Engineering Solutions, Prismecs is your premier provider. We offer full-service solutions from start to finish, saving you time and money. Read on to learn more about our company, our services, and how we can help you solve your supply chain challenges like never before.

As a leading supply chain engineering services provider, we make it easier to optimize your supply chain.

We enable our customers to increase shipment frequency, lower the cost of shipping, provide better visibility and deliver an exceptional consumer experience.

Prismecs turnkey supply chain engineering solutions range from Supply Chain Optimization to Data Analytics and Inventory Optimization. We have expertise in solving all business-critical supply chain issues.

Prismecs has over five years of experience across diverse industries and geographies. Our supply chain services are in-depth, extensive, and comprehensive.

We offer supply chain services specializing in

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Metal Extraction and Mining
  • Turnkey Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Construction services.

Our engineering experts can help you design your next customized SCM solution.

From defining requirements to providing ongoing support and maintenance, Prismecs has provided turnkey supply chain engineering solutions for customers in North America, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Supply Chain Services includes supply chain project management services. Prismecs can help you have:

Supply Chain Analysis
Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning
Design & Implementation of SCM Systems
Project Managed SCM implementations
Performance Improvement
Sourcing Analytics & Forecasting
Engineering Solutions

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Why choose our turnkey supply chain engineering services?

Prismecs offers comprehensive turnkey supply chain engineering solutions to help companies build and improve their supply chains. We provide easy access to over 1400 products sourced from reputable manufacturers in the United States and worldwide through our secure, integrated platform.

Customers rely on Prismecs for our unique supply chain services:

We’re your one-stop-shop for end-to-end manufacturing, inventory management, transportation coordination, warehousing, inspection, and quality control services in North America. Our  turnkey supply chain engineering solutions help you streamline your operations and keep costs low. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your B2B e-commerce goals!

How can we help you today?

At Prismecs, we offer turnkey supply chain engineering solutions to help you cut costs and mitigate risk. Our world-class supply chain experts can assist you with any part of your supply chain management process, from RFP support to SCM and analytics/reporting.

We help you find better suppliers or improve existing relationships through supplier quality and performance evaluation, price analysis, cost reduction initiatives, and more. If your company needs a dedicated supply chain expert on staff, we are happy to provide just that—we’ll even work remotely!

Our Extensive Supply Chain Services:

Prismecs delivers turnkey supply chain engineering solutions to commercial businesses and government organizations. Every supply chain engineer at Prismecs, whether they are sourcing materials or designing automated assembly lines, has professional experience in one of four key areas: transportation management, inventory management, warehouse engineering, or material handling systems.

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Our experts can help you improve your inventory control and supply chain management. Our system includes multiple facilities location analysis, production planning and scheduling, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), throughput analysis, just-in-time processing, integrated business intelligence reporting, and metrics measurement tools.

With our supply chain services, you’ll reduce costs by eliminating excess inventory while increasing productivity. If you need help creating real supply chain solutions for your business, we can assist you!

So, send us a mail at sales@prismecs.com or call us at 1 888 774 7632 to see how we serve!

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