Gas turbine engines providing power at their output shaft compete strongly with reciprocating petrol and diesel engines in many fields and have a clear balance of advantage in some. Gas turbines are also used to advantage in a number of industrial, chemical and electricity generating processes, in some cases bringing substantial improvements over earlier types of plant. Their application to new land-based tasks continues to progress, demonstrating that their future remains bright.


With time served industry experts, PRISMECS is committed to assist in your Industrial Gas Turbine needs, able to support even obsolete models. Whether end-user, re-seller or manufacturer we offer a service tailored to you.Ranging from supply of spares through to reverse engineering and establishing a supply chain.


We provide the whole turnkey solution to you, removing the burden of understanding the technical requirements of advanced turbine technology and the associated manufacturing process steps.


PRISMECS is the trusted partner for operators that expect more from their supply chain and engineered solutions. PRISMECS had been working for organizations with world-class teams to help achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness within their budgets and help them get more from their Supply Chain and procurement.


Forget the multiple supplier model of the past. With PRISMECS, you get the supplies and solutions you need from a single partner built on reliability. In order to discuss about your industrial operations and how our team can help you, Contact Us at + 1 888 7747632, or e-mail us at sales@prismecs.com. For quick information, visit our website, https://prismecs.com/what-we-do/.


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