Procurement Solutions For High-Performing Operations. Resource mobility. Visa requirements and work permits. Delivery of tools to the site. In today’s industrial landscape, procurement requires more than just a strong network. Choose the partner equipped to deliver a successful project, every time.

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Not Endless Vendors

PRISMECS connects world-class operations with the equipment and tools they need to get the job done right. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. From installation and commissioning to testing and maintenance, our teams provide end-to-end solutions that raise the benchmark for the supply chain management. Our recruitment services consistently deliver the most qualified personnel, helping world-class operators avoid work permit and visa issues and focus on what they do best. We deliver this turnkey solution on-time, on-budget, and with reporting that meets each clients’ templates and specifications. Get ready to leave behind the headaches of multiple vendors for good.

Procurement Solutions

Project Procurement Solutions

With PRISMECS, equipment and tools are just the beginning. Trust our procurement pros to maximize your efficiency and profitability across every stage of your project.

Project Recruitment

Vendor selection. Visas and permits. Specialized experts that exceed expectations. We solve your personnel challenges with efficiency only possible through decades of experience.

Supply Chain Management

PRISMECS has spent the last decade cultivating a reliable, world-class supplier network. Together, our suppliers, project managers and technical experts deliver next-level supply chain solutions for industrial teams that demand the best.

From Personnel to Parts, We Supply the Best

In the dynamic industrial landscape, there’s no time for slow-moving supply chains and learning as you go. With PRISMECS, you get the proven experience that directly enhances your bottom line. We’re proud to provide end-to-end solutions, including parts maintenance and repair and operational supplies, for world-class operations.


  • Cement plants
  • Sugar mills
  • Steel rolling mills
  • Mining operations
  • Petrochemical operations


  • Cylinders
  • Gear drives and motors
  • Lubrication systems
  • Process equipment
  • Pumps, tanks and refiners

Powered By Strong Partnerships

“Their values are firm through all levels of their company. Their logistics department is very reliable for on-time deliveries. The engineering department is well-staffed, very flexible and always has the goal in mind when making design decisions for complex projects. Their corporate and purchasing departments act with urgency in mind for all transactions. Working with Prismecs has been an excellent experience and we are glad to be part of their valued supply chain”

RESA Power

“In all aspects of our relationship, whether it be technical matters, sales strategies or logistics, PRISMECS is responsive and efficient. The leadership we’ve encountered at PRISMECS has shown an openness and willingness for creative ideas, which would not be possible without such a strong company foundation. We look forward to a relationship-focused on growth!”


PRISMECS is the best partner for all your engineering needs and industrial procurement services. For inquiries and further information contact us at; +1 (763) 291-1333 or visit our website for submitting you inquiries; https://prismecs.com/contact-us/
For registering with us as a Supplier submit your information at; https://prismecs.com/vendor-supplier-registration/

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