Industrial Power Generation. Industrial power generation refers to applications where customers are seeking to reduce utility expenses by generating the needed electricity and heat for their operation locally.

If you’ve ever needed industrial power generation, you already know that end-to-end partners are hard to come by. With Prismecs, the solution has arrived. From design and engineering through supply chain, commissioning and even MRO, our team delivers the full package—no matter your operating environment or power requirements. We secure the parts. We engineer the solution. Then, we install, commission and maintain it.

As the power generation sector continues to evolve, our experts will keep your operations going with the most efficient, affordable solution. Our team is home to world-class mechanical and electrical engineers, supply chain experts, technologists and project managers that work together to get the job done right. We have unmatched experience in turbo machinery and other sources of reliable power, and rock-solid OEM relationships that enable us to meet every client’s unique specifications. Industrial operations around the globe choose Prismecs for power generation. And when they do, they get everything their project needs to go from “design” to “reliable power.”

Engineering, Supply Chain and MRO Expertise

We pair our demonstrated experience with gas turbines and other sources of power with strong OEM relationships. We have around 1700+ world-class manufacturers in our global supplier network, supplying us with power generation and power distribution equipment. Our relationships and capabilities make Prismecs uniquely positioned to be your single power generation partner.


  1. Project Detailed Planning
  2. Mechanical and Electrical Design
  3. SCADA and SIS Services
  4. Project Electrical and P&ID Controls
  5. LV/MV Substation Erection & Testing Services
  6. HV Generation Installation, Overhaul and Maintenance
  7. Plant Outage and Demobilization Services
  8. Substation Protection Equipment and Analysis
  9. Air, Water and/or Fuel Filtration
  10. Fuel Storage Systems
  11. Operation, Maintenance Supplies & Services



For further inquires you can reach us via Call at 1 888 7747632 or visit our website https://prismecs.com/services/power-generation-and-renewables/

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