In today’s industrial landscape, procurement require more than just a strong network. Dealing with efficient and effective procurement, is one of the most daunting challenge within various industries that you have to deal with. PRISMECS’ project procurement services connect world-class operations with the equipment and tools they need to get the job done right. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. From installation and commissioning to testing and maintenance, our teams provide end-to-end service that raises the benchmark for supply chain management.

From cement to petrochemical and beyond, PRISMECS has fulfilled the procurement and recruitment services for some of the world’s most demanding industrial operations. PRISMECS can work on all the fine details while you focus on your core competencies.

We provide our services for various industries including but not limited to cement plants, Sugar Mills, Steel Rolling Mills, Mining Industry, Petrochemical industry, Parts maintenance and repair, Operational Supplies, Gear Drives and Motors, Lubrication Systems and Pumps or refineries.

PRISMECS is the trusted partner for operators that expect more from their supply chain and engineered solutions. PRISMECS had been working for organizations with world-class teams to help achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness within their budgets and help them get more from their Supply Chain and procurement.

Forget the multiple supplier model of the past. With PRISMECS, you get the supplies and solutions you need from a single partner built on reliability. In order to discuss about your industrial operations and how our team can help you, Contact Us at + 1 888 7747632, or e-mail us at sales@prismecs.com. For quick information, visit our website, https://prismecs.com/services/project-procurement/.

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