A temperature sensor is an instrument for estimating the temperature thus displaying it in noticeable form typical example is a thermometer. Temperature sensors have many kinds but the one we will be discussing is the temperature detector. They are also known as resistance temperature detectors. RTDs measure the temperature by deciding resistance.

Temperature detectors structure

Temperature detectors comprise a resistance component and protected copper wires. Platinum is typically utilized as the resistive component material for various reasons; it is exceptionally steady after some time, it has a massive temperature range, it has a compound latency, and it offers a practically direct connection between temperature and resistance. Other well-known choices are Copper or Nickle.

How they work

Temperature detectors work on a directly proportional principle that as the temperature of the object or metal increases so does the resistance and vice versa. For this purpose, the current is passed through the sensor, then the resistance component measures the resistance. It is measured in ohms. The obtained value is then converted into temperature readings based on the element used. Alert should be practiced utilizing current excitation on the grounds that the current through the RTD causes warming

Advantages of Temperature Detectors

These detectors offer a wide range of benefits which includes

  • Stability
  • Wide Temperature measuring range
  • Consistency
  • High level of accuracy
  • Suitable for harsh conditions


Temperature Detectors are used in the following fields

  • Engine temperature estimation
  • Computers
  • Power Electronics
  • Amplifiers
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Food Industry
  • Medical Equipment

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