Roller bearings are utilized in all principle shaft and supplementary drive shaft applications to help in complete radial load and take into consideration pivotal shaft extension because of temperature changes with no extra burden impact on the bearing.

Roller bearings are also acknowledged as rolling-element bearings because they are similar to ball bearings in that they are intended to convey a load while limiting friction. Roller bearings can handle higher burdens than customary ball bearings, their usage is restricted to activities having low speed. Many kinds of roller bearings are self-aligning. These bearings are used to effectively defeat mounting and misalignment issues thus eliminating support, repair, and maintenance needs.

Roller Bearing Types and Applications

Following are popular types of roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

These bearings include rollers. These rollers are longer in their diameter and can handle higher loads than ball bearings. Our cylindrical roller bearings can carry weighty radial loads and can be used in rapid applications.

Spherical roller bearings

These bearings can carry hefty loads when dealing with shaft redirection and misalignment. They are designed to have cylindrical-shaped bores. Spherical bearings are available with retainer options and different internal clearances, these bearings can handle heavy shock loads as well as axial loading in various directions. These bearings are accessible in bore aspects with a wide range from 20 to 900 millimeters.

Needle roller bearings

This sort of bearing is more slender than ordinary roller bearings. Needle roller bearings are great for managing radial space limitations in weighty burden, fast applications.

Taper roller bearings

These bearings can uphold radial loads. These bearings can handle unidirectional pivotal burdens. Taper roller bearings are available in metric and inch sizes. Roller bearings are utilized in a wide scope of applications, from heavy technology to manufacturing, power generation, and aviation.



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