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E&P Supply Chain and Oilfield Services

Get the job done right with a single source for oilfield services and supplies

Market uncertainty. An ever-shifting environmental landscape. Digital strategies that create even more complexity. In today’s low-margin oilfield, operators have no shortage of challenges. But with Prismecs as their partner, reliable oilfield services won’t be one of them. With robust oil and gas supply chains and “boots on the ground” E&P expertise, our team keeps operators at peak production—no matter the market dynamics.

Prismecs has cultivated a team with the varied experience needed to help E&P teams get the job done right. There’s no part too small or reservoir too complex for our energy product and supply chain specialists. Our geoscientists and petroleum engineers deliver oilfield services, including specialty craft services, at the level that E&P operations demand. No matter which services our clients need, our goal is to optimize their efficiency, uptime and operational productivity. From Angola to the Permian Basin, Prismecs is enabling smarter operations in every petroleum play.

The Proven Oilfield Services and Supply Chain Partner

Many companies say they offer oilfield services. But in reality, few have both the training and supply chain network to truly serve the diverse needs of E&P teams. From scaffolding to oilfield human resources and even cementing, every capability is powered by experienced teams, the most rigorous industry certifications and a supply chain that takes reliability to a whole new level.

Oil field Human Resources

As the workforce shifts and technology takes center stage, the competition for oilfield talent has never been more fierce. By leaving human resources and staffing to Prismecs, our E&P clients can focus on optimizing their operations, not recruiting talent. From digital roles to field teams and production engineers, Prismecs’ oilfield staffing resources help oil and gas companies secure the best talent for both their needs today and where the workforce is headed.

We leverage our expertise in flow rate, pressure and engineering to deliver efficient line-stopping and hot-tapping operations. Our supply chain ensures that these complex operations are completed on time, with no delays waiting for bypasses, plugging heads and other critical supplies.

Line stopping and hot tapping operations

Field Services and supplies

With field teams in strategic global markets, Prismecs provides scalable field services for operations with critical maintenance needs. Our strong supply chain makes us uniquely positioned to respond quickly with the parts, repair and manufacturing required to minimize downtime in E&P environments.

In today’s low margin oilfield, it’s critical to maximize the value of every asset. Trust our certified, highly trained experts to install reinforced tank linings and apply tank coatings for a variety of operational requirements, including corrosion protection. Our tank services also include calibration, which helps you verify the volumes of liquid with certainty and confidence.

Tanks maintenance and Calibration

Scaffolding Services

With scaffolding, safety and reliability are paramount. Our certified specialists design, erect and dismantle industrial scaffolding systems to meet your unique project specifications and operating environment. With every scaffolding component, we minimize risk and maximize safety for everyone who comes in contact with the worksite.

Prismecs offers a wide range of metal fabrication and manufacturing services for E&P operators. From pipelines and heat exchangers to customized parts, our team takes the complication out of fabrication.

Fabrication Works

SCADA Services onshore and offshore

SCADA systems have become the norm for industrial operations around the globe. However, exponential increases in data and complex integrations often make it challenging to access SCADA intelligence where and when you need it. Prismecs’ SCADA services help both onshore and offshore E&P teams integrate legacy assets, enable remote monitoring and use data to better control their well site.

During a shutdown, time is money. Prismecs performs turnaround maintenance with both urgency and precision to get your operations back to productivity as quickly as possible. Trust Prismecs for inspections, repairs, maintenance, replacements and overhauls.

Turnaround Maintenance Upgrade of Production Platforms and Facilities

Blasting and Painting

Abrasive blasting is the preferred cleaning method for the oil and gas industry. Prismecs’ specialized blasters produce clean, even surfaces that meet the requirements of a wide variety of industrial coatings. With the surface ready for adhesion, our certified painters apply coatings with care and precision, extending the life of critical assets.

Prismecs cementing services are designed to ensure the longevity, integrity and profitability of every well. Our experts have a proven track record for supporting casings and achieving zone isolation in even the harshest operating environments.


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