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Let our end-to-end procurement services deliver your most successful project yet.

Resource mobility. Visa requirements and work permits. Delivery of tools to the site. In today’s industrial landscape, procurement require more than just a strong network. At Prismecs, we solve your procurement and recruitment challenges with an efficiency only possible through decades of experience.

Our project procurement services connect world-class operations with the equipment and tools they need to get the job done right. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. From installation and commissioning to testing and maintenance, our teams provide end-to-end service that raises the benchmark for supply chain management. Our recruitment services consistently deliver the most qualified personnel, helping world-class operators avoid work permit and visa issues and focus on what they do best. We deliver this turnkey solution on-time, on-budget and with reporting that meets each clients’ templates and specifications.

The Supply Chain Partner for High-Performing Operations

From cement to petrochemical and beyond, Prismecs has fulfilled the procurement and recruitment services for some of the world’s most demanding industrial operations. Let us handle all the fine details while you focus on your core competencies.

Cement Plants

In an industry where asset utilization is critical, the right supply chain partner is key to maximizing value. From crushers to kilns to spare parts, Prismecs will fulfill your procurement needs on time, within budget and to your required specs. If you need certified operators to perform key aspects of the cement production process, we’re here to help.

Prismecs’ supply chain will connect you with the sugar mill equipment your operation needs to get the job done. From materials handling and casting cooling systems to even power generation, our experience as a sugar mill procurement service helps us anticipate your needs and fulfill them quickly.

Sugar Mills

Steel Rolling Mills

Whether hot or cold, steel rolling processes a higher tonnage than any other industrial manufacturing process. Prismecs specializes in steel rolling mill procurement services ranging from individual equipment to the creation of an end-to-end rolling facility that delivers a clear competitive advantage.

The mining industry experiences particularly high levels of breakdowns and, as a result, costly downtime. The Prismecs team understands the tough requirements of mining operations, and we apply that experience to get you the equipment and operators required to maximize your productivity. No matter the location of your operations, we can deliver the supplies and personnel you need on a timeline that maximizes your productivity.

Mining Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical plants serve a critical function, converting natural resources into ethylene, butadiene and other chemicals used in the industrial world. As these plants embrace the digital transformation, their procurement requirements have continued to become more complex. Prismecs combines our procurement and engineering experience to deliver an end-to-end solution for petrochemical plants. Our supply chain experts can deliver equipment ranging from cryogenic tanks and furnaces down to the smallest part, all within your budget and timeline.

In any industrial operation, maintenance and repair are critical to maximizing uptime. Prismecs provides turnkey field service for world-class industrial plants. With Prismecs handling your marts maintenance and repair, you get a single partner that handles every detail.

Parts Maintenance and Repair

Operational Supplies

The MRO process doesn’t just entail the parts themselves. It also requires a range of supplies such as safety equipment, repair tools, industrial cleaning supplies and lubricants–a mix that changes based on your plant’s unique operations. As part of our end-to-end supply chain and procurement solutions, we provide operational supplies that reflect your plant’s requirements. This ensures maintenance and repair is completed as efficiently as possible, getting your plant back to generating profit in record time.

From welding to liquid fermentation, gas cylinders are used in a wide variety of industrial processes. Prismecs’ industrial procurement solutions can connect you with the gas cylinder that meets your exact specifications. Our personnel have rigorous training in the safety requirements of gas cylinders, ensuring that your operations minimizes HSE risk.


Gear Drives and Motors

Prismecs provides a variety of gear drives and motors to meet the needs of industrial operations in oil and gas, and metals, mining and cement. Our power transmission experts combine supplies, engineering and domain knowledge to deliver proven solutions.

Prismecs offers a full range of automated lubrication systems to enhance productivity and profitability for oil and gas operators. No matter your operational environment, our lubrication systems keep your assets running smoothly–without costly downtime.

Lubrication Systems

Processing Equipment

From valves and filters to heat exchangers, Prismecs helps industrial teams procure the processing equipment needed to get the job done efficiently. Our supply chain includes heat transfer solutions such as air-cooled and shell and tube exchangers, plus reactors, separators and other heavy equipment.

Our oil and gas procurement services are backed by one of the most extensive, reliable supply chains in the industry. From diaphragm pumps to reciprocating plunger pumps, Prismecs can handle your operation’s pump requirements from upstream to downstream. Our selection of tanks and refiners meet the needs of a variety of plant configurations, and our specialty craft personnel can apply paint, coatings and linings to maximize the lifecycle value of these assets.

Pumps, Tanks and Refiners

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