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Turbine Engineering Services

When your operations are on the line, trust the team with engineering experience and reliability in its DNA.

Few solutions require more specialized engineering expertise than power generation. Turbine engineering has been embedded in our team’s DNA from the start—to the benefit of our clients and their operations. Our turbine engineers are equal parts practical and flexible, manifesting solutions that meet the needs of various environments and power requirements. We’re adept at diverse models and frame designations. We know gas turbines, and we translate that knowledge into reliable power.

Prismecs delivers reliable turbine power for oil and gas, power generation, and the metals, mining and cement industries. From balance of plant (BoP) to planned maintenance, our engineers craft reliable turnkey solutions Our partnerships with General Electric, Solar, Mitsubishi, Siemens and other OEMs enhance both our supply chain and our expertise in the industry’s most prominent turbine models. Whether you’re seeking an end-to-end solution, an upgrade or tuning, you’ve got a reliable partner in Prismecs.

Turbine Engineers Backed by a Solid Supply Chain

Prismecs’ turbine engineers have decades of field experience. They’ve completed countless upgrades and retrofits. They’ve executed complex relocations of both mobile and frame turbines. They’ve spearheaded installations and uncovered critical issues while troubleshooting. And through it all, they’ve worked closely with OEMs and clients alike to ensure a smooth, on-time process.

Engineering and Consulting

Our turnkey solutions and consultative approach ensure every requirement is reflected in your final solution. Our willingness to understand, and solve, our clients’ power generation challenges is a hallmark of partnering with Prismecs. Whether your operations require a frame or mobile turbine, Prismecs will design, commission and maintain it to ensure peak performance.

Prismecs is your single partner for installation and commissioning. Trust our engineers to handle every detail required to ensure your gas turbine is installed and running efficiently from Day One. We have extensive experience in turbine installations for BoP, planned maintenance and more.



Our turbine engineers perform thorough troubleshooting as part of operations and maintenance. From electrical to mechanical and calibration, our troubleshooting services diagnose and resolve issues to ensure gas turbines are operating optimally. Prismecs’ specialized engineers bring extensive knowledge to every troubleshooting event, while our supply chain ensures we get the parts needed to resolve any issues uncovered.

Fuel conversions and gas turbine modifications are inherently complex. But Prismecs’ OEM relationships are incredibly strong. Our engineers perform conversions and modifications in close coordination with OEMs to deliver a seamless process every step of the way.

Conversions and Modifications

Performance and Equipment Upgrades

Although gas turbines are known for their long operational lives, performance and equipment upgrades can help optimize critical aspects such as output, exhaust and heat rate. Our turbine engineers also simplify equipment upgrades for compressors and other parts of a power generation solution.

Prismecs has extensive experience with both frame and mobile turbines. Trust our turbine engineers to handle your decommissioning and relocation needs so that you can get power where and when you need it.


DLN Tuning Services

Our DLN tuning services help global clients navigate the complex environmental regulatory landscape with confidence. Prismecs’ engineers provide tuning services that keep gas turbines within acceptable emissions standards without sacrificing performance and profitability.

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