Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are trending globally, but mining them is an energy-intensive job. In fact, the crypto mining rig is power-hungry equipment that drives up your power expenses.

So, this heavy use of power can affect your business profit. Therefore, it needs to deploy solar energy to provide the rig’s electricity to lower the operating cost.

Moreover, it leaves a positive impact on the environment. The electricity you get from the solar panels for bitcoin mining is free once you have installed them. It does not need electricity because it is a one-time user expense.

Why Use Solar Panels for Bitcoin Mining?

As the digital currency has become more influential and prevalent in the world, more people have joined it and built their rigs. They are robust computer systems and complex to run 24/7. They work for verifying, decoding, and adding new transactions to the present blockchain structures.

The new computer frameworks are similar to the drilling and latest oil derricks and pulling up data from the web in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

They run 24/7 and consume power, increasing your production cost. You can reduce this expense with the help of a reliable crypto-mining power provider. So, the efficient team can help you choose and install your solar panels.

The Cost of Solar Panels in Crypto Mining

The cost of panels depends on their size, quality, and location. The average cost to buy and install them is around $5000. However, the average cost of solar panel operation for bitcoin mining is around $2 per day.

You need 6000 watts of solar panels to run your Bitcoin mining rig with multiple GPUs during the day. It uses energy to charge the batteries in order to mine bitcoins. The rig needs a 500Ah battery framework to manage solar energy at night.

Moreover, the number of panels can differ according to the rig size and location. Different types of panels are available in the market, so you can choose by understanding your needs.

Solar Panels for 10 Mining Units

This power generator unit weighs 48 pounds. Although it looks a bit heavier than other options, this is still an easier-to-carry inverter generator you can have. It has a built-in handle, which you can easily use to increase mobility.

You can easily use it as the best inverter generator for emergencies. With various power outlets, you can use them for different devices at the same time. It runs quietly and will never disturb you.


  • 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine
  • 2000 watts initial power
  • 1600 Watts Running power
  •  1 USB port, 1 DC output outlet, and two 3-prong outlets.


  • Works silently
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  •  Affordable unit


  • Internal parts are not durable enough
  • Refilling the engine is difficult.
  • Solar Panels for 25 Mining Units

This is one of the best standby solar panel options at reasonable prices. This can offer you a continuous use of up to 8 hours at just half load. It comes up with a compact design which can make it easier to adjust at any place. At the same time, its strong build can make it durable.

As per this one of the most amazing standby generator reviews, this is lightweight enough, and you can keep it for outdoor activities too. All and all, this is an effective solution that you can use for both emergency and outdoor power needs.


  • 2500 Watt rated power
  • 196cc OHV Engine
  • Fuel capacity 4 gallons 
  • 3250-watt peak power


  • Best to fulfill your emergency needs
  • Easy to install


  • Louder unit
  • The pull mechanism isn’t durable.
  • Solar Panels with 50 Mining Units

This is amazing power equipment by a mining services equipment provider that is good for you. It comes with a surge wattage of 1500 watts; however, its running power is 1200 watts. You can easily use it for up to 10 hours with one fuel tank only. Overall, this effective power generator is amazing to buy to protect your home for longer.


  • Multi-purpose ports
  • 1200 running watts
  • 1500 starting watt


  • This unit is perfectly designed to ensure the safety
  • Built-in voltmeter can let you monitor power usage instantly.
  •  Three years warranty can keep you stress-free.


  • It contains one receptacle only.
  •  A bit heavier than others.

Final thoughts

Although you may be comfortable with not using your electronic devices for hours, solar panels with generators and batteries can be necessary to keep your living place light, warm or cool or to protect your food reserves.

A power outage can certainly leave you caught in the dark. Therefore, being prepared to buy the best home generator is always better.

So, make sure to choose the option which can let you overcome all of your power needs in the best possible way and invest in the home generator which can serve you for years to come with ease.

Prismecs believe that crypto mining is a highly profitable and sustainable business. We have a  mission to provide a renewable and reliable power source for crypto miners.

With extensive power generation industry experience, Prismecs offers the most professional, customized, accurate, efficient, and inexpensive solutions tailored to your needs.

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