As the mining industry becomes more data-extensive, operators require a service provider that can assist them to connect productivity and technology. With active ground forces and a strong supply chain, you can achieve solutions for constructing efficient, responsible and sustainable businesses in the mining metals, minerals and cement industries.

The cement and mining industries donate almost 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions but its demand in both industries remains high.

Meanwhile, urbanization and global economic growth continue to increase the demand for cement. Infrastructure’s investment provides people with better economic access, increased mobility and improved quality of life and can reduce inequality.

However, with cement production contributing 7-8% of CO₂ emissions and the mining industry between 4-7%, the procedure to a low-carbon, sustainable future, and higher living standards does not look green.


Solutions for Cement Industry:

Producing cement is a very energy-demanding process, requiring considerable amount of energy to reach the heat needed for the procedures involved. The combustion of fuels adds up 32% of the CO₂ emissions coming from the process.

We have mainly relied on fossil energy sources for this process because they offer a stable and clean source of energy. However, we need to find alternatives to reduce CO₂ emissions. Another CO₂ emission challenge for the cement industry is the use of clinker as the main ingredient.

The calcination of the limestone clinker is the primary source of CO₂ emission from the industry, showing as much as 57% of the total emission from the process. We want to make the volume of clinker low by expediting the distribution of clay calcination and promoting the use of clinker blends to stop emissions.

The initial step will be to manifest industrial-scale clay calcination for use as a binder, a second step is to decarbonize this process using renewable energy and electrification.

 Solutions for Mining:

The use of water is a particular focus area in our mining solutions. Almost 70% of mines are located in areas which are water-stressed. Water is a limited resource in some areas and mining can be a very challenging process.

We can also find mineral deposits containing arsenic to retrieve copper, silver and gold while conforming to rigid environmental standardizations.

Refractory ores can be processed at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of arsenic pollution from smelters and saving energy.

When it comes to CO₂ within the mining, we must eradicate all diesel-driven equipment, restoring trucks with belt conveyors, which move mined material much more effectively.

The significance of the digital plan for mining in terms of productivity has expanded, and it will also bring benefits for sustainability.

For instance, by facilitating digital technology advancements. we will be able to capture, predict and connect production data to enhance processes – decreasing waste of water, energy consumption and reducing emissions.

Methods to Optimize Mining Solutions:

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud – Mining industries apply cloud solutions to decentralize distributed asset management. Cloud applications permit real-time cooperation between experts at remote locations to manage performance.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – IT operations modify the key infrastructure to facilitate Industrial IoT solutions including connected field service management and self-governing fleet management.
  • Establish resilient business processes – It expedites recovery and stable-state operations after a planned shutdown or temporary suspension of activities by using digital equipment’s for intervention and resolution.
  • Enable remote learning at scale – Digital learning modules enhance technical capabilities and train staff in diagnostics and remote asset monitoring.

In a Nutshell:

The cement and mining industries are necessary to advance the energy transformation. We simply cannot do away with them. Instead, we must work hard to get the industries to implement new technology and new processes that reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

Regardless of commodity prices, one thing is sure: breakdowns are all too frequent in the metals, cement and mining industry. Given the high risk for downtime, it’s critical to choose a services provider. who copes with these industries’ unique operations, maintenance, and financial rhythm.

Prismecs wants to help mining and cement operations reduce downtime and boost throughput. To avail our services, you can give us a call at 18887747632 or you can email us at sales@prismecs.com

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